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The Jackson 5 – Dancing Machine

I was a huge fan of Michael Jackson as child and I grew up listening to Motown label’s repertoire and music from Detroit


Kraftwerk – Computer Love

A pioneering group, their musical language using synthesizers and sequenced drum arrangements to evoke robotic or industrial rhythms stimulated the flow of communication between Germany and Detroit. Kraftwerk were among the European artists receiving regular plays on the Electrifying Mojo’s show who influenced an entire generation of musicians from Detroit, including Juan Atkins. A Kraftwerk’s album should be a must have in the music library for anyone in love with Detroit’s music

Computer Love (2009 Remaster)


Cybotron – Nazca

This is a track for true connoisseurs. Cybotron was a project led by Juan Atkins. A lesser-known but fundamental track of Cybotron, which stirs me strong and inexplicable emotions that I would like to share… can you feel it?

Nazca (Instrumental)


Elecktroids – Silicon Valley

Elecktroids is a project of Drexciya. I’ve selected this track, but I could have really chosen anything made by Drexciya because I appreciate all the music they have done. In this cut the arpeggio of the synth is amazing and makes me fly…

Elecktroids - Silicon Valley (Clone Classic Cuts)


Millsart – Now Is The Time

Jeff Mills is undoubtedly one of the founding fathers of techno music and The Bells is his most famous and played track likely, but I’ve decided to share his project called Millsart in which you can find his techno touch but at the same time you can reach the smoothness and melodic atmosphere that let your mind float away. He is a great musician and I really love his melodic projects. If I could choose another record, I’d choose the album Voodoo Magic of Spiral Deluxe (Yumiko Ohno; Kenji “Jino” Hino; Gerald Mitchell; Jeff Mills)

Millsart - Now Is The Time


Mr. Fingers – Can You Feel It

Few years ago, I’ve released a track on TRAX Records for the 30th anniversary of this cult label from Chicago. So, to pay tribute to this label I’ve selected one of its absolute classic hits produced by Mr. Fingers, a great artist who had a huge role in inspiring me. When I was a teenager I spent many days and nights with his music.

Mr Fingers - Can You Feel It


Timeline – Return Of The Dragons

If you think to the techno from Detroit you immediately think to Underground Resistance. Timeline is Underground Resistance’s live band. I cannot think of any movement more important and influential than Underground Resistance …. It would be a dream being a member of this family

Timeline ‎– Return Of The Dragons


Maurizio – Domina (Maurizio Mix)

As a producer, I learnt a lot from Moritz von Oswald including how the repetition of a sound can be played for a long time without boring the listeners thanks to its microvariations. And through his M-Series I studied important music techniques that I use in my productions.

Domina (Maurizio Mix)


Derrick May – Strings Of Life

If you are a dj this is another record that you must always carry in your dj bag… one of my all-time favorites. I’ve selected this orchestral version to show that techno music is not a genre that has to be constricted in a club only, but it is a movement that is directed to anyone without barriers: it’s only music.
I always add an ensemble of instruments in my productions and if I could see myself in the future I can see me working on projects in this direction

Derrick May - Strings of Life - Weather Festival Opening


Lucio Battisti – Cosa Succederà Alla Ragazza

I’m Italian and so I started listening to Lucio Battisti’s records when I was a child. Later when I grew up I studied his entire production and I discovered his “dischi bianchi” which are experimental and electronics records not so far from techno as this track … a great cut to close a djset

Lucio Battisti | Cosa Succederà Alla Ragazza