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Ross, aka Rosssccooo is a time served sound specialist. After completing a university degree in sound engineering, he quickly moved up the ranks, becoming an intern at the infamous Scottish techno label Soma, run by Slam, where he continued to master his craft. With involvement in several of Scotland’s best club events, as not only a technically fantastic DJ but an astute producer too, Ross now delivers his debut release purveying his expansive production powers on the newly formed Love Bizarre imprint. As an artist, Ross finds inspiration from sounds throughout the ages and covers all bases of the dance music spectrums.

“Music is an ethos and a way of life. It’s all about being in those dark rooms with shiny lights, lasers and good vibes. A complete sense of freedom to express yourself, as well as a massive F**K YOU to the Governments that try to prevent that.” Rosssccooo.

Gregory Porter – 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub)

This is one of my absolute favourite tracks in my collection. It just has the most wicked shwangy groove about it combined with that warm round bass and the brass and vocals just ooze cool.

1960 What? (Opolopo Kick & Bass Rerub)

Sébastien Léger – Ashes In The Wind (Original Mix)

There comes a certain point in the night when the legs become heavy and it’s getting light outside but we still want to dance. This is the track for that time. Incredible writing and production.

Sébastien Léger - Ashes In The Wind (Original Mix) [All Day I Dream]


Nathan Fake – The Sky was Pink ( Holden Remix)

This is one of those timeless tracks that just has to be on my list. Holden was one of the best DJs I’ve ever seen live, both technically and for the music that he played. Mind blowing.

Nathan Fake - The Sky was Pink ( Holden Remix )


Golden Girls – Kinetic (Pirate Jams Remix)

The original was one of my earliest favourite dance tunes that I can remember, this breaks remix by Pirate Jams has the magic for me.

Golden Girls - Kinetic (Pirate Jams Remix)


Urban Hype – A Trip To Trumpton (12” Club Version) (1992)

My older cousin gave me a tape called Rave Alert when I was 8, I absolutely loved it and it was what got me into dance music. Before that I was into Michael Jackson, Queen and George Harrison, this tape bridged the gap, and this was one of my favourite tracks on there.

Urban Hype - A Trip To Trumpton (12'' Club Version) (1992)


Plump DJs – Pressure

I was a massive Plump DJs fan back in the early 2000s, they got me into breaks good and proper and I still have that breaks influence in my DJ sets today.


Underground Resistance – Hi Tech Jazz (Original Mix)

What can I say about this one other than absolute magic track from the early 90s that is still just such an incredible track today.


Aphrodite – Calcutta

I do love a bit of DnB from time to time in short segments. The first drum and bass tune that pops into my head, I had a lot of love for this track when it came out and still dig it today.

Aphrodite - Calcutta


Martial Taktics – Fight (Kanji Kinetic Remix)

My friends and I used to put on a club night together in the early 2010s and this was the vibe, and in fact we had Kanji as a guest for one of them.

Martial Taktics - Fight (Kanji Kinetic Remix)


The Chemical Brothers – The Sunshine Underground

This is just one of the best tunes of all time as far as I am concerned. The ultimate crescendo.

The Chemical Brothers - "The Sunshine Underground"

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