Back To Mine with Bobby Cazanova

Lower Saxony’s best-kept secret, Heideton Records, returns with their most ambitious and comprehensive release to date, a double pack titled Green. Green taps into the rich history of European house and techno, from Panorama Bar to Bar25 royalty, while also championing a new era of producers and cult label favourites. On the first of two EPs scheduled for release this year, Green Part 1, Heideton has curated the finest club weaponry, from ‘tears on the floor’ deep house to sinewy and psychedelic techno. Although this may sound like it doesn’t work together, the release is remarkably cohesive. This is thanks to the care and precision each producer brings, displaying an intimate knowledge of what works on both the dance floor and in your headphones on the walk home.

And here Bobby Cazanova delivers his Back To Mine 10…


Fumio Itabashi  – Watarase

Beautiful piano music from Japan, this song speaks for itself and is definitely one of my most favored.

Il Quadro Di Troisi – Raggio Verde 
The great Donato Dozzy joins forces with fellow Italian and extremely talented Eva Geist. This masterpiece of an album seems to be an ode to Italian synth-pop, beautifully produced.

Piero Umiliani – Risaie
Originally released as Suonano I Mark 4 in 1971 and then as Zalla in 1980, the album Paesaggi, despite being a true rarity (one copy of the almost impossible to get, 1971 version having been sold for €1,000 in Discogs), remains the epitome of Italian Library Music, by the late film composer, maestro Piero Umiliani.
Piero Umiliani - Risaie

Kraftwerk – Expo 2000

Perhaps the best jingle of all time? At least it is for me. This song captures the sound of Europe with one foot in the industrial age and another in the digital era. Very exciting times in Hannover at the turn of the century.

Kraftwerk - Expo 2000 (HD 1080p)

Tommy Comer & Crosswinds – Part of You

Mid 80’s gospel funk at its best. It is worth the listen for the slap bass alone!

Tony Comer & Crosswinds - Part Of You (Visions, 1984)

Fausto – O romance de Diogo Soares
A Portuguese national treasure, the album Por Este Rio Ácima, is a concept album revolving around the Portuguese Empire and covering themes of exploration, pirate attacks, and naval battles. This song tells the incredible story of Diogo Soares de Albergaria, a 16th-century navigator, and explorer who became supreme governor of the kingdom of Burma and leader of its army. He was later sentenced to death for stealing a rich merchant’s bride at their wedding. The nostalgia and sailor-like chants as well as the use of traditional Portuguese instruments make the story come to life. 

romance de diogo soares - fausto

Saäda Bonaire – More Women
The sexy instrumentation, the funkiness, the proto-house feel, and the powerful lyrics make Saäda Bonaire just irresistible. Humorous and deadly serious all at once, this song is so ahead of its time and so unapologetic.

A.r.t Wilson – Rebecca’s Theme (Water)

An incredible album by Australian wonder-boy Andras Fox. This song in particular is as powerful as it is soothing. 

A.r.t Wilson - Rebecca's Theme (Water)

Sasac – All Pleasures

This song is all pleasure. The lushness of the guitar licks, the funky synth bass, and the heavenly pads are everything one could wish for and more.  Additionally, the guitar solos having been placed slightly in the back of the mix, blend perfectly with the other musical elements and make it that much smoother.


Loredana Berté – In Alto Mare

Another example of the greatness of Italian pop music, this song is timeless!

In alto mare (2016 Remastered)

Artist: Various Artists
Title: Green Part One
Label: Heideton Records
Release: 22nd April 2022
Cat No: HR022pt1
Format: Digital

Green Part 1 will be released digitally on April 22nd with Green Part 2 to follow on June 6th. A vinyl release is also scheduled for May