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After hours grooving…

Morning Grooves

Day By Day – Stereociti
Stereociti’s album Kawasaki was our favourite electronic album of 2011/2012 and ‘Day By Day’ is a great example of why; this track is what it feels like to wake up in the morning, have that big stretch and slowly open your eyes to another day in the world reminding yourself of what a precious privilege it is to be alive, to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love and of course to hear great music!

Hussle Free – New Jackson
Came across this beautiful track about 2 years ago, it was one of the first ever vinyls we bought. One always wonders what New Jackson was thinking about when he wrote this. Perhaps he was becoming optimistic once again after losing his love? We will probably never know, but it is spine tingling. Find it difficult to turn this off, it is a story.

Velvet Green (Rhauder Remix) – The Analog Roland Orchestra
Fine deep spaced out Detroit rooted techno.The track is jammed full of atmosphere and is almost a cross of Dub-Techno and house – it is what most inspires us when making music.

Slave Song – Sade
Our Mum has an amazing taste in music and is a big fan of Sade, and this was the first Sade song we ever heard a long way back, since then she has probably become our favourite female artist of all time – we actually went to see her in concert. Her music is timeless. Her voice is untouchable. Thanks Mum we do not think we would be so interested in music if it wasn’t for the constantly good music playing in the house/car as we grew up.

Afternoon Delights

Ruby Lee – Fritz Kalkbrenner
The original by Joe Cocker was brilliant, and still is but Fritz Kalkbrenner has really nailed it with this cover! This is a track you can just listen to over and over again at home, yet every time you play this at an after party you are guaranteed to get toes tapping, heads nodding & hearts smiling.

Le Troublant Acid – Kza
Beautiful and sensuous erotica psychedelica! Picture it, luxurious villa. Middle of the summer. Late in the afternoon, girls everywhere, you’re the DJ and all of a sudden you feel your have been thrown back to the sixties sexual revolution. Everyone feels sexy, everyone is grooving.

Il Veliero – Lucio Battisti
1976 Italian Disco from one of the most influential Pop/Rock musicians in Italy. It has an insanely haunting melody which has been covered by at least one artist from each subsequent generation of dance music… and with those vocals… job done!

Let Me Love You (San Francisco Vocal Vibe mix) – DJ Rasoul
Just love the disco vibe of this track, it is 13 years old and is totally on point. It is the kind of feel good track you want playing when you walk into the coolest easy going after-party you have ever been to.

Nightime Cuts

Tougher Then The Rest – Bruce Springsteen
Whilst Mum inspired us with Sade, Dad showed us The Boss. He is perhaps the artist most listened to at home (especially when sad, NB don’t drink to much Scotch whilst listening to The Boss). But the ‘Tunnel Of Love’ album was the first ever album I [Austen] have memory of listening to, I played this album again and again on my Dad’s Bang & Olufsen stereo and now we play it on our own. The Boss just reminds us of driving around Europe when we were little with our Dad… The Real Boss.

Gabrielle (Tamborine Dub) – Roy Davis Jr
The original is an all time classic. But for us the remix is just next level. Come to an after party at our apartment and this is what is playing. Yer thats right its on repeat ‘cos we have left the decks and we are dancing with the people. Seriously try not nodding your head to this one!

Love Me Or Leave Me (Club Dub) – Cherie Lee
It may be the track that started Danse Club Records ( but this track was actually first released when we were just 4 and 7!! Almost 20 years later it is still being played and is perfect for club, the after party, or when you just want some living-room house music.

Der Tanz der Gluehwuermchen (Kollektiv Turmstrasse „Dirt Glow“ Remix) – Dominik Eulberg
You can listen to this over and over again, eyes shut and deep in thought. It hits home, and it hits hard. It is somewhat melancholic whilst being both inspiring and cleansing at the same time. No one piece of electronic music has ever topped this for us and, all that said, you can still play it in the clubs and move the dancefloor with it! Perfection.

“Brodanse have a new single on Chicago’s Fresh Meat out now and a further single with Cari Golden coming out on their Danse Club label on 29th April”