Russ Chimes

Producer extraordinaire returns bang on time!

Welcome back to DMCWORLD Mr Chimes, loving the rework by Ejeca on your brand spanking new ‘Turn Me Out’ track. Talk us through the history of the record which I understand started life a DJ tool…
“Thanks Dan! Yeah so the track started out as a tool for DJ sets really…I got hold of the Kathy Brown acapella and just built a quick and dirty track around it, just for a point in a set to get people’s hands up and everyone singing. It started going down really well, with people coming up asking me what the Turn Me Out remix was, so I played it to my manager who pretty strongly told me to work it up into a proper track asap! From there I was lucky enough that Annie Mac heard it and invited me on her R1 show to deliver it personally, I guess the interest then went from there, I’ve been super fortunate to get plays from all over Radio 1 with it since.”

Do you still have the poster of the 80’s Porsche 911 on your studio wall which acts as inspiration for your producing?

“The poster is now gone unfortunately…it got a bit dog-eared and was looking sorry for itself haha. That was actually up in a small room at home where I started out producing. I’ve moved into a proper grown up studio now, and most of the walls are covered in acoustic material – no room for teenage boy car posters anymore. It’s still an inspiration though, I always try to make tracks that would sound good blasted in a car when your nailing it down a windy road or something.”

Back in the day you were doing graphic design at college – what had you in mind for a career back then?
“Yeah I studied it at uni, got a degree then moved to London and worked full time in design agencies and in advertising for 5 years. I was a freelancer at the point where I made the jump to music production, but if that hadn’t happened I guess the main ambition was to start a design studio of my own one day.”

What are the next release plans for your label Uno Mas?
“Well first up is a new track from Celsius that should be coming as a free download soon, after that really hoping to do a little EP my self on there for release. At the moment, there’s no pressure to be signing any more artists on the label yet.”

I was on the terrace at Space in Ibiza when you played, have you got plans to return to the white isle this summer?
“Man, I’d LOVE to. It was such a ticked checkbox to play that club, even if it was early on, I’ll still treasure that memory! I’m usually out there once a year for pleasure anyways, but if a gig or two came up I’d jump on it.”

What is the current top 10 you are spinning?
In no particular order:
Russ Chimes – Turn Me Out (Ejeca Remix)
Kolombo – Whatever U Want
Just Kiddin’ – Soul Drop
Maribou State – Scarlett Groove
Grum – Everytime
Celsius – Thought As Much
Breach & Dark Sky – The Fallout
Romanthony – Let Me Show You Love (Kevin McKay Remix)
Russ Chimes & Alex Metric – ???
John Dahlback – Sing That

Who are some of the producers out there you’re digging right now?
“Obviously a big fan of Ejeca’s stuff right now – hence getting him on the remix package. He seems to do the M1 Organ/House piano thing really well and really authentically without sound like a pastiche. Maribou State and Pedestrian are really exciting right now, as well as J Wiltshire who’s just released an awesome EP on Hypercolour. I predict huge things for that guy.”

Everyone has one, what is your guilty pleasures record – System F doesn’t count…!
“So. Many To. Choose. From. But it has to be trance right?…. ‘Matt Darey – Liberation’ every time.” (runs away and hides)

You have remixed some absolute legends – Mark Ronson, Book Shade, Kellis and of course Ellie Goulding. What track are you most proudest of?
“That’s quite tough as I have a weird sort of relationship with old tracks that I’ve done. Most of the time I’m crushingly embarrassed about them, even tho it’s usually over a tiny detail that no one would notice. Other times I’ll hear something old and think “yeah that’s alright, fairly catchy”. I probably proudest of the Hurts remix I’ve just done. Just because it sounds chunky on a club system, and also goes against all the habits that I always seem to fall down on when making music. It’s more restrained, and I’m proud that I was actually able to do that.”

What is next on the remix schedule?
“There’s a remix for a folk guy called Josh Kumra that hasn’t reared it’s head yet, so look out for that one I guess.”

Not many people know this, but Russ Chimes is really good at…
“Getting poached eggs spot on.”

Loving the Expressway mixtape series – when is the next installment…?
“I’m fairly sure the 5th one just gone is the last one. Nice to end that chapter there. Putting my thoughts towards a new series now, maybe going along the lines of having a strict set of rules to adhere to with each mix. Look out for the first one soon…”

 Best gig over the winter months?
“Actually a gig up in Edinburgh for WE OWN in a small place called Sneaky Petes. Super sweaty and vibe, I loved it.”

Worst job you’ve ever had?
“I actually had a summer job in Homebase and had to wear one of those bright green uniforms. I remember on so many occasions putting the uniform on, on a Sunday morning, then getting in the car, calling in sick and chilling at my girlfriends place all day. Then come 6pm putting the uniform back on and getting home in time for a Sunday roast and sympathy from my parents. Cheeky little shit.”

And finally, will you ever get round that ruddy studio album?
“I’m trying! On so many occasions I’ve had a group of tracks, but the right feeling just hasn’t been there and I’m not happy with it. I just guess I need to keep going until the puzzle pieces slot into place. “





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