Back To Mine with Compound X

Compound X is the progressive duo, Dar and Dulum. Both dedicated journeymen, their visions melting psychedelic rock, techno, house and pop music, delivers a forward-thinking take on electronica. The duo hit with their monster “Sending Me Signals” EP with a highly anticipated follow-up single dubbed “The Freak” dropping on CX BLACK this October, this edition of “Back To Mine” oozes an infectious array of beats and rhythms spanning across multiple genres, come for a deep dive with Compound X…

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1. Closer Musik – Ride
An absolute timeless masterpiece of deep downtempo sexuality, we first heard this record at an afterparty in Berlin back in the day with our homie Konrad Black, he put the 12” on and we hit stratosphere vibes, if you haven’t heard this LP do yourself a favour…
Closer Musik - Ride

2. The Prodigy – Girls
The Prodigy is a big inspiration for us, this record infuses big beat pop elements with gnarly leads and dramatic builds, we were lucky enough to see their last ever show with Keith Flint onstage before he travelled inter-dimensionally. RIP.
The Prodigy - 'Girls'

2. Compound X – Sending Me Signals
“Sending Me Signals” was written as a conceptual piece of music surrounding we as humans are wired to be touched, from birth until the day we die, our need for physical contact remains, touch deprivation and social interaction was something that we all as humans are suffering during covid-19, we lost social intimacy and interaction, we have a system of nerve fibres, called C-tactile afferents, they exist to recognise any form of gentle touch, this releases oxytocin also known as the “love hormone” this is how “Sending Me Signals” spawned, tickling our bodies, sending us signals.
Compound X - Sending Me Signals (Teaser)

4. Nine Inch Nails – Closer 
Another nostalgic piece of music we hold close to our visions, NIN are so relevant sonically in electronic music to date, the mid-bass leads and industrial percussion is pure sex, fuelled with Trent Reznor’s lyrics.

5. LL Cool J – Mama Said Knock You Out
Who doesn’t like this record? an absolute Jam, Def Jam Records in 95, HIT!
LL Cool J - Mama Said Knock You Out (Official Music Video)

6.  Poison Arrow – Casa Show
The haunted, the darkness, the sexuality, the all-encompassing hypnotic rhythms with the vocal processed in diluted molecules, incredible seductive EP and sonic journey from Poison Arrow.
Poison Arrow: Casa Show (Official Music Video)

7. Black Swan – Thom Yorke
We were instantly obsessed with this tune and listen to it daily, being big Radiohead fans, Thom Yorke needs no introduction, such an emotional record, the subtle live drum rhythms, haunted and squashed pad melodies are dope as fk, killer textures and spirit, a quality piece of music for when you’re seriously deep pocketed.
Thom Yorke ~ Black Swan Lyrics (HQ)

8. Janes Addiction – Ted, Just Admit It…
Janes Addiction are one of our all-time favourite bands, one of the true pioneers of psychedelic rock hailing from LA, we’ve seen Janes six times, the show they played in Nevada after Burning Man in 2012 was a blown chino moment!!!
Jane's Addiction- Ted, Just Admit It...

9. Bjørk – Army Of Me
The film clip and song relates to Bjork’s brother and his troubled life at that point in time, this record is a big inspiration for Compound X, Industrial pop with indie rock influences a full badass piece of music way ahead of its time in 1995.
björk : army of me (HD)

10. Barker & Baumecker – Candyflip 
After spending six years in Berlin, we were exposed to many inspiring, mind-bending moments in electronic music, Barker & Baumecker at Berghain is one that’s burnt into our frontal lobes, a big inspiration, this record is one of our go to’s to finish a set…
Barker & baumecker- candyflip