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Luc Ferrari – Petite Symphonie Intuitive pour un paysage de printemps

Luc Ferrari and discovering Musique concrète in general was a key moment for me in my teenage years; this type of music completely absorbed me for 1 or 2 years. It helped me to develop my musical taste and make me more creative with my composition techniques particularly with analog mono synths. I think my obsession of sampling spoken word comes from his production as well.

Luc Ferrari - Petite symphonie intuitive pour un paysage de printemps

Jon Hassell – Last Night The Moon Came

Same goes for Jon Hassell, his incredible musical style helped me understand things like modal harmony or microtonality in practice. This is the most beautiful piece of music I’ve ever known!

" Last Night The Moon Came" Jon Hassell

Soft Machine – Slightly All The Time

A masterpiece combining Psych, Fusion, Rock and Jazz. Music like this reminds you that creativity and thinking outside the box is what makes things go forward. My heart still skips a beat at 8:17 when that bassline drops even after all these years knowing this song.

Soft Machine - Slightly All the Time

William Basinski – d|p 6

What happens if you leave 30 years old magnetic tapes to deteriate compeletely while trying to digitalize your old recordings? Another example of how small mistakes and weird moments make classics.

William Basinski | d|p 6

Oneohtrix Point Never – Physical Memory

As I’m in my mid 20s, I couldn’t really make a list of most influental music without mentioning OPN as his early works really defined a new paradigm in electronic music for my generation along with artists like James Ferraro or Tim Hecker.

Soft Cell – Sex Dwarf

It would take more than a 100 list to include all my influential synthpop favorites, but this track always stood out.

Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf

Aborted At Line 6 ‎– Mammut

Recently reissued on Mecanica and Bongo Joe, my favorite New Wave track of all time.. from Switzerland.

Aborted At Line 6 ‎– Mammut (Extended Version)

Keluar – Panguna

Speaking of New Wave, my favorite Dark Wave track, released on ZONE 2015. Excellent EP.

Keluar - Panguna (Official audio)

Galaxy 2 Galaxy – Journey Of The Dragons

I couldn’t make a top 10 list without mentioning some act rooted from the Detroit originators! This track was always very close to me. It’s indescribable how much UR and every associated act affected me through the years. 

Galaxy 2 Galaxy - Journey of the dragons (original mix) 1993

Kraftwerk – Expo 2000

I should close the list with the true originators of electronic dance music. RIP Florian Schneider.

Kraftwerk - Expo 2000 (HD 1080p)

CT Kidobó – Impulse & Inhibition – Part 1

Budapest-based DJ and producer CT Kidobó has been experimenting with electronic music for the last decade, releasing early material on Molecule’s Mille Feuilles imprint under his Das Model moniker and gaining support from the likes of Laurent Garnier, Jimmy Edgar and Arnaud Rebotini. The last few years have seen his CT Kidobo project appear on the likes of Earth Plates and Dalmata Daniel with an obviously growing appetite for his uniquely evocative productions. As a DJ his reputation is ever expanding and in his native Hungary he has shared the stage with the like of Kevin Saunderson, Cardopusher, Textasy and Gnork.Now CT Kidobo joins forces with the ever-excellent Zone label from Paris for a four track Ep orientated around a laidback, daytime sound, with plans for a darker, ‘sounds of the night’ chapter planned for the months ahead. The electrifying opener ‘Bipolar’ is a deep and alluring affair, fueled by bright synth lines, warm bass sequences and enchanting vocals, which all come together for this uplifting gem. Next up, ‘Death of Postmodernism’ lowers the tempo and pairs distorted frequencies with sparkling effects and hypnotic percussion. ‘Paris’ unveils a nostalgic driven slice of electronic music, as we see CT Kidobó work euphoric chords against brooding electro rhythms and blissful sonics. To close, the cutting edge ‘Vertigo’ is an infectious and exhilarating cut which showcases yet another side to his diverse and extensive sound.

CT Kidobó – Impulse & Inhibition – Part 1 (Zone) Release: 18th February 2021 Cat No: zone41