Back To Mine with DASCO

1. After Hours – Waterfalls (4am Mix) 

The first track that came into my mind thinking about an “after party mood” is this classic tune on “Strictly Rhythm”.
This hypnotic track is almost my age but still sound so fresh!

After Hours - Waterfalls (4am Mix) - Strictly Rhythm - 1991

2. Dream 2 Science- Dream 2 Science 

Number 2 on my list is this groovy track that relaxes me like taking a deep breath in the open…

Dream 2 Science - Dream 2 Science

3. The Abstract Eye- Nobody Else 

A truly master piece by The Abstract Eye. This pumping bass line and the dreamy melodies make you feel like you are in another dimension…

The Abstract Eye - Nobody Else (RHM 023)

4. Fred P – Emotive Vibrations 

A great track to hear after a great party. you danced so hard and now your body rest and your mind start to dance…

Fred P - Emotive Vibrations

5. DASCO – Keep Movin’ 

This new track of mine is a great fit both for the party as well as for afters 😉

DASCO - Keep Movin' (12'' - LT102, Side B2) 2019

6. Patrice Scott- Analog Dreams  

Another dreamy and spacey track from Mr. Scott, The perfect sound track for the after party.

Patrice Scott - Analog Dreams

7. Abacus- A Place In Time 

You might be tired tough this groovy tune will still make you move…

Abacus - A Place In Time (Freezone 2, 1995)

8. Fudge Fingas- What Works (Vakula Remix) 

The sound of an after party mingling with all your friends.

Fudge Fingas – What Works (Vakula Remix)

9. PRZ & DASCO- Brighter 

This track feels like watching the beautiful sunrise after spending a few hours inside a dark club.

PRZ & DASCO - Brighter (Housewax / Rawax)

10. Stasis – Point Of No Return 

I hear this track and it reminds me that every end is just a new beginning… 

Stasis ‎– Point Of No Return

DASCO – African Power EP (Local Talk)

Fast-rising producer DASCO serves up a poignant new house release for Local Talk that comes with remixes from culture artists Trinidadiandeep and Anthony Nicholson. “I dedicated this EP to my dear father, Shlomo Cohen (RIP) that passed away about 4 years ago. Even though he is not here anymore, I still feel him with me everywhere I go. My father was a very good hearted, smart and spiritual person and always gave me a lot of mental support, encouraging and strengthening. I truly believe that I am where I am today a lot because of him.” – DASCO This Israeli born but Berlin based producer is as colourful as they come with a wide-reaching sound but unique musical style. She draws on her diverse cultural roots to mix up house, afro, acid, tribal or disco, all with a vintage and authentic edge. When her music isn’t picking up support from DJ Antal, Folamour, and Dekmantel Soundsystem, DASCO can be found rocking crowds in clubs around the globe. Superb opener ‘African Power’ is a groovy house track inspired by African music elements with exquisitely loose and jumbled drums, bass riffs, sci-fi pads, fluttering trumpets and more all colour the groove with impossible musicality which makes it brim with soul from start to finish. Trinidadiandeep strips things back on ‘African Power’ to the deep, leggy drums and allows the trumpets and synths to ring out that bit more. Long-time Chicago house denizen Anthony Nicholson then serves up a Mediterranean Disco Mix of ‘Keep Moving’ with sunny keys and airy chords layered over a lush, expansive groove that is utterly timeless. Finally, Keep Movin’’ is a spiritual house tune with culture afro kicks and hits which feel live and organic, embellished with warm and soul-infused chords that swell the heart.

Out now… DASCO – African Power EP (Local Talk) Cat No: LT102 Release: Vinyl/Digital