Blaze feat. Palmer Brown – My Beat [Erot Big Beat Edit RMX]

First one is a remix of Blaze – My beat by the Norwegian disco king Erot. I had the pleasure of playing with him a couple of times. First time at Rune Lindbæk´s Klubb Kebab and then at my own residency Juicy Friday. I remember a friendly and nerdy kid who I talked with for hours about Larry Levan. This remix is stellar in my opinion. Such a loss to lose Tore at such at a young age.

(1998) Blaze feat. Palmer Brown - My Beat [Erot Big Beat Edit RMX]

Pizzy Yelliott ‎– Could You Be Loved (Mungolian Jetset 303 Acid Mix)

One of my best friends had a label called Trailerpark and I was pretty involved in it too. DIY ethos and being known for leftfield dance tunes, this is a perfect example of a crazy acid track. I played this at Panorama Bar and I separated the dance floor. Those who stayed really went for it. Such a good time. The production of this track is insane.

Pizzy Yelliott ‎– Could You Be Loved (Mungolian Jetset 303 Acid Mix)

Blood Orange – Chamakay

What can I say? I loooooove Blood Orange. That simple.

Blood Orange - Chamakay (Official Video)

Portishead – The Rip

Portishead is such talented musicians and I´ve seen them live a couple of times. But this is by far my favourite. The video is nice too.

Portishead - The Rip (Official Video)

Magazine – The Great Man’s Secret

Been a fan of Buzzcocks since I was in my teens but I have to admit I love Magazine even more. Howard Devoto is the man.

Magazine - The Great Man's Secret

Zazou, Biyake, Cy1 – Lamuka

Me and a friend raided a second hand sale once for all this new wave, Belgian new beat and post punk records. Bought so much Crammed Discs records. Discovered this record which to be is a perfect sound. African electronic. Say no more.

Zazou, Bikaye + Cy1 - Lamuka (1983)

Ryuichi Sakamoto – Riot In Lagos

Yellow Magic Orchestra was more influential to me than Kraftwerk.  Matter of taste I guess. Ryuchi Sakomoto has some solo stuff that blows my mind. The perfect mix of dub and avant-garde electronics.

Ryuichi Sakamoto-Riot In Lagos

Moebius & Plank – Rastakraut Pasta

Conny Plank was so influential in his production and records. From Kraftwerk, Eurythmics to Ultravox. The best thing is he turned down U2.

Moebius & Plank - Rastakraut Pasta

Ultravox – Alles Klar

A remix was done by Conny Plank of Ultravox. Simply love the production.

Alles Klar (2008 Remaster)

Eurythmics – Take Me To Your Heart

Conny Plank again. He produced this album for Eurythmics and this song is stunning in its beauty. 

Take Me To Your Heart (Remastered Version)

Fjordfunk – Infinite Zest (Alo)

Jann Marius Dahle aka Fjordfunk is a producer from Norway who’s been releasing records since 1998 on labels such as Trailer Park, MBF and Prins Thomas’ Tamburin imprint. In 2000 he partnered up with K.Y.D. and formed the group K.Y.D. & Kango going on to work with labels Slip´N´Slide, Estereo, Ascension, Defender, Henya and Beatservice in addition to performing live at seminal clubs such as Panorama Bar, Fabric and Week-end. In 2008 Jann started his Luna Flicks imprint with Strangefruit releasing music from artists such as Ost & Kjex, Skatebård, Hardway Bros and himself picking up support from the likes of DJ Harvey, Andrew Weatherall, Bjorn Torske, Bill Brewster, Todd Terje, Jennifer Cardini and many more. After almost fifteen years living in Oslo and Berlin he moved back to his native town of Harstad and started working on his ‘Infinite Zest’ album inspired by an array of musical styles and experiences that helped shape the story. ‘Da Starga Tora’ kicks off the album with calming strings in the distance balanced with pulsating notes and undulating tranquillity before ‘Borealis’ progresses with smooth bass grooves, chugging drums and enrapturing guitar strings keeping the alleviating blissfulness. ‘Alina’ deploys emotively leads throughout fused with enthralling melodies and heavenly progression while weaving synth waves, stabbing melodies and breezy atmospheres take the focus in ‘Exile’. ‘Nussing’ maintains the angelic ambience harmonising euphoric vocals, fluid keys and psychedelic infused aesthetics throughout. ‘Baboobap’ then delivers spaced-out modulations, piercing grooves and meditative elements keeping the mood tranquil yet effervescent until giving space to ‘Prelude’ that offers soothing chords and revolving swells. ‘All is changing’ then delightfully rounds off the pack with shoegaze influenced atmospheres, thought-provoking nostalgia and beautiful vocals to elevate the senses. Fjordfunk ‘Infinite Zest’ drops on Alo late September 2019.

Out now… Fjordfunk – Infinite Zest (Alo) Cat No: AL0001 Format: Vinyl + Digital