After hours grooving at the best late night sessions in town…


1. The Beloved – Sweet Harmony

Legendary chorus and even more legendary video. Spoken lead vocals and sweet back vocals play together.
Hypnotizing synths and uplifting arps make this piece special. Love the lyrics too.

2. Psychemagik – Valley Of Paradise

David Crosby vocal sample from 1971 with amazing production of today.
Strings and drums sound epic, the whole vibe of the track is very powerful.

3. George Michael – Careless Whisper

First single of soloing George Michael and probably the best for me. Prominent sax riff and incredibly written lyrics.
Maybe it’s the reason why he was the first artist to enter communist China in 1985. Or maybe it is just an amazing song.

4. Chemical Brothers – Out Of Control

A track from my teenage years with an intense message that is still relevant today. With those roaring synths, pumping drums and rebel lyrics its personally their best track.

5. Whitesnake – Is This Love

I always had weakness for 90s Rock ballads, maybe because of my father, who’s favorite Rock singer is David Coverdale. Sophisticated bassline and steady punching drums can be looped for hours, but the most charming thing is the lyrics of that lonely life hardened man. Who had longer hair than his girlfriend at that time. Still, epic!

6. Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop The Dance

Self explanatory titled song from gentleman womanizer Bryan Ferry. It is hard to find something more subtle and comforting then his songs at this period (1980-1985), but when I have to choose I say Don’t Stop The Dance.

7. Loose Joints – Tell You (Today) (Original 12″ Vocal)

One of the happiest songs that comes from very deep, even sad artist in music. Arthur Russell under one of his aliases Loose Joints delivered few disco hits at the time and this one is the best.

8. Armand Van Helden – You Don’t Know Me

Love this one from my first years on the dance floor from the king of groove Van Helden. Not to mention I understood the idea of sampling through his tracks, he always had his special touch. I still listen to that repetitive disco groove and soulful lyrics, which were so right at that time.

9. The Presets – If I Know You

A special track from later years. The mood created by 80s sound set, but with modern approach. The vocals and the lyrics are so emotional, you think it can’t get better. Until you watch the track with the video.

10. Timmy Thomas – Why Can’t We Live Together

A nice way to end the list with something decent. Drake sampled this song for his Hotline Bling, but the original track has much more in it. Drum machine salsa beat accompanied by organ and thrilling gospel type RnB vocals. So minimal yet so powerful.




Few Nolder – One EP (Needwant)


The Needwant label welcomes Lithuanian artist Few Nolder, who serves up three sumptuous club tracks that are deliciously deep and emotive. A fine remix from German Karl Friedrich rounds out a brilliant package. Few Nolder has been around and making headlines for a decade now. In his time he has released EPs and a full length on cult label Planet Mu as well as Connoisseur. The artist says of excellent opener ‘One,’ “it’s imagined as something in the centre of a huge space, spreading powerful, triple trancey chord vibes all around”. The resulting house track is awash with expertly crafted and treated chords that are manipulated and rotated, creating a never-ending feeling that slowly fades away, only to come back stronger once more. It makes for a thrilling listen that then gets remixed by Hommage and Kompakt artist Karl Friedrich. He takes it brilliantly deep, with a spaced out synth line and distant pads adding a sense of melancholy and majesty to the rich rubbery kicks. Next up, ‘Seven’ is a perfectly peak time track. There is an enthralling repetitiveness to the bass and main melody as they play around like robots. With subtle, well placed pauses in between that trick you and play with you, it‘s a tantalising and trance inducing affair. The magical ‘Wisher’ has a beautiful breakdown with cinematic vibes that is full of retro future aesthetics—metal percussion, horn echoes, floating ‘80s synths and epic bass. For introverted moments of deep house and techno bliss, there are few finer EPs out there than this one.
Few Nolder – One EP (Needwant) Release: 18th March 2016 Cat. No. Needw044D