1. UK One – Yeah! (Warlock Remix) feat. Tia & Chantel

The vocals and beat on this record are tough!  I remember playing this one in Amsterdam this past ADE during the early hours and it went off. This is a great tune.

Yeah! (Warlock Remix)

2. Black Rascals – Keeping In Mind feat. Roger Harris

This truly is some feel good house music right here. I love the vibe and vocal of this record.

Keeping In Mind (feat. Roger Harris)

3. Nas – The Message 

This is one of my favorite Nas records. The words “a thug changes, and love changes, and best friends become strangers’ has always resonated with me, even now.

Nas – The Message

4. Ricardo Villalobos – Alterverwalter 

Out of the countless Ricardo records I have, I really love this one. The groove is infectious and is able to keep you going until the guitar slowly comes in. It’s definitely a groover.

Ricardo Villalobos – Alterverwalter

5. Model 500 – The Chase (Smooth Mix) 

Such an amazing record that will hit the spot in any situation. This is definitely Juan Atkins at his best with this tune. Grade A quality music. 

The Chase (Smooth Mix)

6. Michal Jackson – Who Is It (Quentin Harris Remix) 

It’s no small thing to take a record from someone like Michael Jackson and successfully transform it. Quentin’s take does that and more.  The mood and vibe of this remix is beyond special. 

Michael Jackson – Who Is It (Quentin Harris Mix)

7. The Slammin Boys – Dreams 

Timeless record here. It’s full of uplifting and happy vibes. It makes me want to be outside dancing, which will hopefully be soon.

The Slammin Boys – Dreams

8. Benny Rodriguez & Kapuchon – Reel 

This is a sick stomper. I’ve  been playing this record out for years. It definitely sets the tone on the dancefloor with the drums.

Benny Rodrigues & Kapuchon – Reel

9. George Benson – Give Me The Night 

This smooth record is really fun and sets you up proper for the weekend.

George Benson- Give Me The Night

10. Dennis Ferrer – Transitions 

This is one of my favorite Dennis records of all time. I really love the bassline and drums. I remember hearing it all the time at Pacha NYC back in the day and it would rock the dance floor. I love playing this one out.

Dennis Ferrer – Transitions (Original Version) ℗

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