Back To Mine with Jeremy Olander

Donkey Kong ‘Aquatic Ambience’

David Wise composed a lot of the music for Rareware games with too many brilliant pieces to mention all of them. For me, this is a track that could go on repeat for hours without getting bored of it (there’s a 10-hour version of this on YouTube).

Brad Fiedel ‘Terminator Theme’

This soundtrack perfectly blends all the themes of the movie (futuristic, robotic and romance), yet remains so simple. It’s the first melody I took out on piano as a kid.

Brad Fiedel - "Terminator Theme (Extended)" (The Terminator OST)

Nas – N.Y. State Of Mind

I was gifted an old Linn vinyl player by my dad a few years ago together with his record collection. The first vinyl I ordered was ‘Illmatic’, which in my opinion is one of the greatest debut albums ever done.

Nas - N.Y. State of Mind (Official Audio)

Bruce Springsteen ’Im On Fire’

I’m not crazy about Bruce, to be honest. But this song I’ve always loved. After watching a movie called ‘The Hunter’ a few years ago starring Willem Dafoe it really cemented what I feel about it. I don’t want to spoil anything about the movie but I would highly recommend it to any film buff who is into slightly slow paced films.

Bruce Springsteen - I'm on Fire

The Rolling Stones ’Wild Horses’

I love strolling around cities alone whenever I’m travelling and during a trip to Buenos Aires I was in Palermo Hollywood sitting in a pub having a beer and kind of missing people from home when this song comes on. It really gave me a sense of nostalgia so every time I hear it now it takes me back to that pub.

Wild Horses - Rolling Stones

Roger sanchez ’Another Chance’

When I and my friend got into dance music we heard this song somewhere (this was prior to Shazam) and we couldn’t find out what it was. We went around to record stores trying to hum the melody and lyrics (which turned out to be wrong) without any success. After a pretty long time we figured it out and it was the most satisfying feeling ever. 

Roger Sanchez - Another Chance (Directors Cut)

Phoenix ‘If I Ever Feel Better’

One of the earlier trips I took abroad with friends was in high school to Antibes in the south of France. We did a lot of excursions, smoked some fine imported Moroccan hash and drove around (my friends were older than me and had drivers licenses) in an old Mini Cooper where we had a boom box behind the backseat headrests in order to play our own music. This song was one of the more played ones and it fitted that setting and sense of freedom I felt.

Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better

Blut aus Nord ‘Epitome Xvii’

I had a brief rock/grunge period when I was younger where I listened to the more obvious stuff like Nirvana, Metallica etc. but I moved on from it and it took me a while to find my way back into it. My friend showed me this song and I just loved the progression of it.


Switch ’a bit patchy – ‘Eric Prydz Remix’

This is how you make a remix. When you compare it to the original it maintains the melodies of it while still completely re-imagining it. It was played by Joachim Garraud on the legendary Zemixx podcast and was one of the first records I heard by Eric that completely blew me away.

Switch - A Bit Patchy (Eric Prydz Remix) HQ

Ben E King ‘Stand By Me’ 

One of my absolute favourite films growing up was ‘Stand By Me’. I remember it being shown by a teacher when I was about 10 years old. Probably my favourite lesson I ever had in school. The sense of childhood adventures it captured really got to me and a lot of other people I’m sure. The song with the same name also became the song I shared with my first major crush later on so a lot of nostalgia all around for me. 

Ben E. King - Stand By Me

Jeremy Olander – Kailash EP (Get Physical Music)

After a huge year in 2018, Swedish house superstar Jeremy Olander makes another big step up with a fantastic new EP on Get Physical.
Last year saw Jeremy Olander truly step to the fore: a debut live show on Cercle was streamed almost a million times, multiple releases of his topped the Beatport charts and his own Vibrant label went from strength to strength. His latest EP came in early 2019 and featured two more tracks of emotive house with early club support from Kollektiv Turmstrasse, John Digweed and La Fleur. This follow up is another surefire success that will continue to take the man behind the music to clubs across the world. Superb opener ‘Kailash’ is a brilliantly adventurous bit of melodic house music with synths that light up the skies. The driving drums get you moving and the whole thing is majestic and uplifting throughout. On the flip, the stylish ‘Southbound’ is another thoughtful track that shows off Olander’s unquestionable ability to lay down engaging synth lines. They float and flutter above his slick drums and bring both drama and tension to the grooves. These are tasteful, high impact house tracks that are sure to cast a real spell on the club and mark another high point for Jeremy Olander.

Out Now… Jeremy Olander – Kailash EP (Get Physical Music) Cat No: GPM527