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1. Nils Frahm – Says on KEXP

A pure inspiration and a song to lose yourself in.   

Nils Frahm - Says (Live on KEXP)

2.  Hot Brass 8 Band – Sexual Healing (Marvi Gaye Cover)

Just happy vibes and somehow it ended up being the soundtrack to our South American tours.

Hot 8 Brass Band - 'Sexual Healing (Official Video)' [Marvin Gaye Cover]

3. David August – Definition of Happiness

Every time I listen to this beauty I could melt down.

RA Sessions: David August - The Definition of Happiness | Resident Advisor

4. Azamat – For Sure (live version)

Music that goes directly under your skin

5. Bobby Hebb & Ron Carter – Sunny

The story about the song is heartbreaking and its a beautiful masterpice.


6.  Sergey Rachmaninov – Prelude in C Sharp Minor

One of my favourite pieces which i performed when i was still active as a classical piano player. He was a genuis for me. Maybe it’s my russian blood J

Rachmaninov - Prelude in C Sharp Minor

7. Ahmet Aslan – Minnet Eylemem

This track was one of our wedding tracks and  touches our heart all the time.

#AhmetAslan, #DiTar, #MinnetEylemem Ahmet Aslan - Minnet Eylemem | 2008 CD Meleklerin Dansi

8. Matanza –  Matanza Album 2018

Music that guides you nearly everyday, when you are happy and emotional. We also got in engaged while matanza was performing live at fusion festival last year. So these guys are special soulmates for us.

9. Soul Keita & Nicolas Jaar – Goin’ bad

There is not much to say about this guy…Without words

Soul Keita + Nicolas Jaar - Goin' Bad (Ines LP)

10. Buena Vista Social Club Album

That music always puts us in a happy and relaxed mood. Perfect for cooking

Just Emma & Zazou ‘Baltic Sea EP’ (Klassified)

Emotive duo Just Emma are back with another of their escapist EPs this time featuring vocalist Zazou and landing on the fledgling Klassified label with remixes from Canson, Monolink and Luca Bacchetti. While Just Emma comes from a piano playing background, Zazou is a long time electronic act who has had solo success with his Minimal Lounge project. Together the duo has released on labels such as Katermukke, Hanse Hertz, Plötzlich Music and Connaisseur Recordings, and are now striding ahead with their own imprint at Underyourskin Records and their dark and melodic interpretation of electronic music. Their superb single ‘Baltic Sea’ is a haunting track with Zazou’s aloof vocals echoing in a sea of reverb. It’s a sparse affair with watery melodies and languid drums sinking you into a rueful mood as angular synths ride up and down the mix. Swiss artist Canson brings global sounds to his music and always plots a real journey with his grooves. His version is an 11-minute epic, with dubbed out vibes
and smooth hits helping to get you in a state of hypnosis as the deft chords and soulful vocal sounds all soothe the soul. Acclaimed artist Monolink is at home at Berlin’s best clubs, in the Beatport Top 20 and on labels like Embassy One. His unique take is driving and uplifting, with filtered vocals shining through the arpeggiated synths that ride up and down the scale to cosmic effect. Last of all, Burning Man favourite and Italian storyteller Luca Bacchetti remixes ‘Baltic Sea’ into a sleek and deep house cut that has suspenseful pads keeping you on edge as the soft perc and drums roll on.

Just Emma & Zazou ‘Baltic Sea EP’ (Klassified) Release: June 7th 2019 Cat No: KLASSIFIED005