After hours grooving at the finest after parties on the planet



1. ‘Aftermath’ – Tricky 
In my opinion, this is an after hours masterpiece. It’s amazing to see how you can keep that same groove for such a long time.

2. ‘Common Knowledge’ – Quantic 
Very jazzy feeling I guess, but works wonders in an after hours environment.

3. ‘Mr. Chombee Has the Flaw’ – The Herbaliser 
Great chilled tune from one of the downtempo masters. Anything by the Herbaliser will work in this genre.

4. ‘The Brazilianaire’ – Cujo (Amon Tobin) 
Very few people in the world can do what this guy does. His stuff is very deep and sophisticated. It’s crazy to have to pick just one track from Amon Tobin, but since he’s Brazilian, I go for this one.

5. ‘Turtle Soup’ – DJ Food 
To make things a little interesting I guess we could include this off-tune type melody, which adds a nice twist. But he’s got so many other great tunes!

6. ‘Vuelvo al Sur’ – Gotan Project 
I love the tango feeling here, and it also has a sort of soundtrack vibe which I love.

7.  ‘Fish’ – Mr. Scruff
I guess this would be a little more out there, but I’d like to include it here because it has a healthy balance.

8. ‘I’ve Got that Tune’ – Chinese Man 
This is actually along the lines of a blues remix I’m working on for my new album. I love this mixture of old recordings with a trip hop groove.

9. ‘Jitterbug’ – Batterie Du Verre 
Here’s another example of an old recording with an acid jazz beat. Something from the 20s, I guess.

10. ‘In the Bath’ – Lemon Jelly
This could be a great way of ending an after hours set. It just seems to wrap things up very nicely.


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