Back To Mine with Leo Janeiro


1. Azymuth ‘Jazz Carnival’

Massive jazz-funk tune, the funky synth energy lit up a party of pure magic. Azymuth is for sure one of the greatest bands of all time. This record is one of my favorites, they will always be our heroes. It still sounds amazing in 2021!

Azymuth - Jazz Carnival


2- D Train ‘You’re The One For Me’

DTrain has always been one of my favorite singers, I attended Black Music parties in the suburbs of Rio and it was incredible back then, when I developed my musical background.  

D Train You're The One For Me 1982 Extended Version


3. Soul II Soul ‘Keep On Movin’

Soul 2 Soul was definitely one of the bands from my teens. I remember that I enjoyed the music made in London back then, looking for bands through radio shows and some local DJs. Highlight for the vocals of Carol Wheeler and production of Jazzie B.

Soul II Soul - Keep On Movin'


4. Deodato ‘Sweet Magic’

My mother has always been a fan of Brazilian artists, Deodato was one of the sounds she liked the most and still likes until nowadays, and that ended up influencing me, Happy Hour is an album that features Kool and the gang, a band that he worked a few times, besides showing the genius of Deodato.

Eumir Deodato - Sweet Magic


5. De La Soul – A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays

De La Soul has always had a strong connection with me, it was probably the first Hip Hop band I stopped to listen to, right on the first day with this ‘Rolling…..’ until today it is part of the soundtrack of any trip of mine.


6. Black box ‘I Idon’t Know Anybody Else’

Then it all started. I started playing at private parties and I didn’t know much about using the equipment, This song had an interesting importance, that’s when I found out I could mixing, I had few records but this one in particular doesn’t come out of the case because it was a hit of the time, and honestly I love Black Box songs.

Black Box - I Don't Know Anybody Else (Official Video)


7. Derrick L. Carter  ‘Where U At?’ (Where Ya At, Now?)

This is definitely one of the DJs that I like the most until today, Derrick has always been one of my favorites. I remember that when this track was released by Classic, I wasn’t at peace until the record was in my case, I played it many, many times.

Derrick L. Carter 'Where U At?' (Where Ya At, Now?)


8. Midnight Star ‘Midas Youch’

One of my favorite tracks, I love playing it sometimes. It makes me travel to a time when I was on the dance floor. Also it is interesting that this song always appears on sets of some DJs I admire. Midas Touch will always be a sound I will play at any time!

Midnight Star - "Midas Touch" (Official Video)


9. Robson Jorge, Lincoln Olivetti ‘Aleluia‘

This was an entirely instrumental recorded album with only a few Scats and a few songs with few lyrics. Despite being an album focused on instrumental music, it was played on the radio and at dances when it was released. Showing the genius of two monsters of Brazilian Boogie, Robson Jorge and Lincoln Olivetti.


10. Lee ‘Scracth’ Perry ‘Disco Devil’

Lee ‘Scracth’ Perry, when I started to enjoy reggae and dub, one of the guys I listened to the most was him. Watching his doc about The Black Arc studios, I started to understand why so many artists liked and worked with him, Disco Devil is my fav.

Lee 'Scratch' Perry - Disco Devil 12"


Leo Janeiro – Gin Tônica EP (Cocada Music)

Leo Janeiro is the influential Brazilian who runs things behind the scenes with Get Physical Music’s Latin America-focussed sub-label. Arguably one of the most outstanding DJs to emerge from Brazil’s close-knit electronic music scene, his taste and technical ability made him a much loved Warung and D-Edge resident who has gone on to play around the world. Excellent opener ‘Gin Tônica’ has a fat and funky bass riff and infectious claps that soon get your hips moving. As the drum fills, cosmic synths and melodic hooks arrive the whole track brims with tropical disco energy and Latin flair. Mid-tempo house pumper ‘Papaya’ is as fresh as it sounds. It mixes together swirling chords and romantic vibes, jazzy keys and percussive highlights with seductive effects. The first remix is from sophisticated Sao Paolo artist and indie dance innovator Vini Pistori, who has landed on Monaberry, Calypso Records and Connected. His energetic and effervescent version of the title track is a real doozy. The second remix is from another Brazilian, this time the fast-rising new talent that is Stanccione. He delivers a more introspective, minimalist rework with a hypnotic touch.

Release: 19th November 2021 Leo Janeiro – Gin Tônica EP (Cocada Music) Cat No: CM018 Format: Digital