Back To Mine with Theodora


TR/ST – Dressed for Space

One of my main inspirations since I started my solo project ! Love the abruptness of the rhythms, the darkness and the beauty of the melodies. the song and the whole album give off a mystery that I still can’t figure out.

TR/ST - Dressed For Space (Official Video)


Better person – Close to You

I recently discovered Better Person through Spotify algorithms, and immediately fell for his seductive and captivating voice. I enjoyed the eighties arrangements, the crystalline layers and the warm bass lines. The whole album is really good to listen to if you want to slightly float above the ground while going to work !

Better Person - Close To You (Official Audio)


Paolo Conte – Sparring Partner

It’s a song I’ve been listening to since I was a teenage, I’d listen to it at my best friend’s cottage in France. It gave a romantic atmosphere to anything we were doing, as if we were inside a movie. I realized how music can influence and improve your everyday life !

Paolo Conte - Sparring Partner


Bryan Ferry – Sensation

A song and an album my parents would put in the car stereo when we were travelling. I relate it to freedom, landscapes, the smell of leather seats, gas stations. Later I discovered all the discography of Bryan Ferry and Roxy Music, and was influenced by their music as much as by the aesthetics of their artworks. 

Bryan Ferry - Sensation


John Maus – Touchdown

Another inspiration to my project. I love the combination of the linear rhythmics and the bouncing bass, the synthesizer themes that unfold in the sound space, the implacable voice.

John Maus - Touchdown (Official Video)


World Brain – Bubble Tea

Recently discovered as well, been listening to the album over and over these past months! I enjoy the playful instrumental, and obsessive melody. The whole album is full of great production ideas !


Cocteau Twins – I Wear Your Ring

Such a bliss this song, how inspiring! I love the verse’s melodic line, and how Elizabeth Frazer plays with language.


Definition of a Track – Precious

Discovered this song when reading Moby’s autobiography. It plunges us into the beginnings of house music when it reached New York. This track, quite simple and homemade, makes me imagine the atmosphere in the clubs back then. 

Precious - Definition Of A Track (Kai Alce Edit)


Austra – Beat And The Pulse

When I first started producing my own songs, I’d listen to Austra’s debut album a lot. This song in particular felt like a manifesto, that marked me a lot. It was queer, committed, powerful. 

Beat And The Pulse


Scissor Sisters – Let’s Have a Kiki

I enjoy the foolishness of the lyrics which, however, become more meaningful as we listen and re-listen to the song. And so good to dance to ! 

Scissor Sisters - Let's Have A Kiki - Instructional Video


Theodora – Remixes (Theodora Project)

Theodora’s enchanting debut album ‘Too Much For One Heart’ has been remixed by a tasteful selection of contemporary artists including Massimiliano Pagliara, Sigmar, Grand Yellow and Romane Santarelli. ‘Too Much For One Heart’ was a hugely successful chronicle of Theodora’s twenties. It was enriched with memories, dreams and personal encounters and confirmed the artist to be a truly unique talent. This fantastic new selection of remixes re-invents the material for different settings. French-born, classically trained musician Justine Forever goes first. She is part of the Deux Control project with Rodion, has released on Relish and has her debut album forthcoming on Her Majesty’s Ship Records. Her take on ‘Go’ is a mid-tempo groover with cosmic melodies and icy synths that lock you in. The steamy vocals bring an all-important human touch to this timeless track. Berlin-based Italian and Panorama Bar resident Massimiliano Pagliara is an underground mainstay who mixes up house, disco, techno and electro on the most influential labels. His remix of ‘Wreckin’ My Soul’ is lit up with dazzling arps, prickly acid and rugged machine grooves that demand you dance. Sigmar is a long-standing industry figure, live artist, beatmaker and member of The Hiiters band. He brings elements of cold wave, synth and minimal to his take on ‘Bastante,’ which is strident and stark thanks to the icy chords and angular drums.
French electro-pop producer Grand Yellow is a member of several bands including Stereolane with Aymeric Westrich and Craig Walker. He remixes ‘I Tried’ with a superbly tender touch, allowing the vulnerable vocal plenty of room to breathe amongst the minimal synths and a stripped-back rhythm. Romane Santarelli is another French artist who has a fine array of music-making machines and does everything from melodic soundscapes to icy ambient minimalism at concert halls and festivals around the world. She fantastically flips ‘Get Obsessional’ into an otherworldly mix of floating pads, lush ambient designs and celestial chords that soothe the mind. Multi-instrumentalist LARIVIERE is influenced by Afro and Cuban rhythms, Caribbean culture and underground indie and trap. His brilliantly original remix of ‘Go’ twists and turns on inventive rhythms, with crisp snares and fuzzy bass twisting and turning down low for maximum impact.

Out Now… Theodora – Remixes (Theodora Project) Cat No: TP12 Format: Digital