Back To Mine with Queer on Acid

Lucretio – Do It Forever

Despite this record is not that old comparing to others in this feature, it have made an impact on Queer On Acid sound, in particular this track inspired us to record “Layer 1” which features on our current EP for Takeout.

Lucretio - Do It Forever (Hypercolour)


Soundstream – Wenn Meine Mutti Wusste (Fünf)

Soundstream is of those German producers whose music we love to listen at home and to play on gigs. This track probably does not sound in the way he’s used to do his music: with disco vibe over thick beats; but we love how he worked with the field recordings made in Berghain/Panorama bar to make an absolute banger! Every time we listen to this we get goosebumps.

Soundstream - Wenn Meine Mutti Wusste (Fünf)


Wham! – Everything She Wants (Todd Terry Remix)

We first heard this remix in the set of our friend DJ Dmi3 and fell in love with it instantly. We actually are big fans of George Michael, and here his catchy melody perfectly matched signature Todd Terry’s rhythm. This also revokes the sweet memories of 90s house music. It just made people go bananas on the Baltic Pride afterparty this summer!

Wham! - Everything She Wants (Todd Terry Remix)


Paranoid London Feat Paris Brightledge – Dub 1

We think Paranoid London are those artists who embody the acid sound of the new era. What we like about this track is that it is very minimalistic and kinda stripped down, but the falsetto voice of Paris Brighledge over the 3 minutes intro beats before the bass comes in always works. Pure analogue sex. Dreaming about getting to their live show sometime.

Paranoid London Feat Paris Brightledge - Dub 1


Gemini – OF

Despite this record coming out in 1997 we discovered it around 7 or 8 years ago and since then this is one of our most played tracks – at home and on gigs. The perfection from Chicago. We just finally ordered a copy of this on wax from Discogs, can’t wait until it comes to our box.


Ellen Allien – Sambaca

Honestly we haven’t played this tune in the club yet (probably need to try sometime, ha-ha)! But we watched this video like a million times. This is especially good in the morning afterparties.  Strongly recommended!



Igor Dewe – King Size Heart

Another banger of our home parties, a very trashy (in a good way) video with an extremely catchy melody. When you hear it once you won’t get rid of it forever. So think carefully if you need to listen to it, ha-ha!

Igor Dewe - King Size Heart


Thunder Cat – For Love (I Come Your Friend)

Probably the most lyrical tune in this feature, which at first evokes inescapable melancholy, but when the jazz rhythm enters, it gives light hope. We just love how Thunder Cat reinterpreted the George Duke’s original. And the list of other musicians behind this cover is just amazing: Dorian Concept, Austin Peralta and Flying Lotus! This version brings the song to another emotional high. On repeat.

For Love (I Come Your Friend)


Dennis Parker – Like An Eagle

We also love disco of course 🙂 We have always been interested to know where a lot of modern electronic music comes from, and this is one of the recordings that has been sampled by different producers like Par-T-One, Tomcraft, Linkwood etc. The chorus of the song is just brilliant! Hello from 1979 🙂

Dennis Parker - Like An Eagle (1979)


Barry Manilow – Could It Be Magic

And the cherry on top is this one! When we were teenagers we liked the debut Take That single “Could It Be Magic” a lot. What a superb song we thought. Then we realised this is Barry Manilow’s song who therefore inspired from Frederic Chopin. Perhaps the best Chopin cover imaginable! The most beautiful melody with soulful lyrics. Above all, don’t listen to this song if your boyfriend has just dumped you. You will cry!

Barry Manilow - Could It Be Magic (Live 1975) (Frederic Chopin Cover)


Queer On Acid – Giv Ya Luv (Takeout)

Queer on Acid is a production, party and DJ outfit from Riga, Latvia. They are focussed on raves, queer culture and acid while making peak time tunes for dark and sweaty club spaces. They have their own
label and have had high-profile support from Laurent Garnier, DJ Bone & Chris Liebing. After outings on Ovum and Amber Muse they are now back on Takeout with more essential sounds. There is a heavyweight dub feeling to the lo-fi, gritty house of ‘Giv Ya Luv.’ It’s detailed with frosty synth stabs, soulful female vocals and darker words from a male voice that is lost in the mix. After that is the powerful ‘Motto’ with big, swinging drums and shadowy bass. Rave sirens rise up and down the scale, prickly acid twitches pepper the groove and coarse claps add further texture to this classy banger. Completing the EP is ‘Layer 1,’ a bubbly warehouse cut with big sound design, infectious, syncopated claps and tripped out chords that bring futuristic soul.

Out Now… Queer On Acid – Giv Ya Luv (Takeout) Cat No: TAK07 Format: Digital