Back To Mine with RUZE

UK-based rising stars, Ruze, join the PIV label with a solid 4-track EP – Chapters. With the likes of Max Chapman, Sidney Charles, JT Donaldson, and Prunk already part of its back catalogue, PIV has cemented its place in the scene. Starting out as in events, the label is quickly taking shape and proving to be an exciting new direction for the plucky Dutch brand. Ruze, who are already signed to elrow, Abode and Toolroom, are the embodiment of the PIV mindset. Forging a path via their home base of Birmingham, Ruze has taken the scene by storm amassing over 100K streams for their recent ‘Truth’ remix for Friend Within and gaining high profile fans such as MK, Josh Butler and Mark Knight. DMCWORLD dive in for a stunning Back To Mine collection…


Reel People feat. Dyanna Fearon – Butterflies (Restless Soul Mix)

In our opinion, an absolute classic & one of our all-time favourites. Originally released by Papa Records, we discovered this track off a compilation CD by a record label called Bargrooves, who used to release soulful house music back in the mid-late 2000’s. The label is definitely one to dig up and look for some old soulful gems.

Reel People feat. Dyanna Fearon - Butterflies (Restless Soul Mix) (2021 Remastered Version)

Whitesquare – Tonn Esprit

A full-bodied track from the Italian producer. We first heard this track whilst at a beach bar in Bali, and without hesitation used the Shazam app to find its origin. We were delighted to hear it was Whitesquare!

Ton Esprit (Original Mix)

Aphex Twin – Alberto Balsam

A genius at work. Not everybody’s cup of tea, however Aphex Twin is probably the most renowned artists for pushing the boundaries of music & making some amazing (sometimes questionable?) tracks.

Aphex Twin - Alberto Balsam

Tom Browne – Funkin’ for Jamaica 

An 80s Funk belter. Tom Browne delivered this back in 1980 & quickly climbed up the charts, hitting number 1 in some places. Funkin’ for Jamaica starts with a captivating horn & follows with an ensemble of instruments carefully pieced together to create this fantastic piece of music.

Tom Browne - Funkin' For Jamaica

RUZE – Bolt 

Our first release on PIV Records that introduces our new sound & direction, “Bolt” encompasses our belief that starting at the beginning doesn’t always mean taking a step back, in fact it can be one of the more important steps forward that you could make. Perfect for listening at home or out and about!

Ruze - Bolt (PIV5YRS)

Stussko – Staring at the sun 

In our opinion, one of Chris Stussy & DJOKO’s best tracks. The infectious vocal on this adds to the intricate drum and synth work. A real slice of dutch and german magic from the duo! Again, a great listener at home as well as when you’re out.

Stussko - Staring at the sun

Whitesquare – Someone Else

Another Whitesquare track! This one takes you to a different dimension whilst listening on headphones in a dark room, or in your car travelling long distance. We discovered this on YouTube when watching a Boiler room set by Maya Jane Coles. Maya is a master selector when it comes to dropping gems and when she dropped this tune we were instantly digging through the comments trying to find out what it was!

Someone Else (Original Mix)

De la Bass (Mousse T’s House Mix)

This one oozes class. A friend of ours, Keenan, showed us this track once while jamming b2b at a local DJing studio and it screamed class and groove. It’s the perfect track to relax and unwind to or even play out. It’s also the track that inspired us to start sampling french speaking vocals!

De la Bass (Mousse T's House Mix)

Hans Zimmer – Inception: Time (Official Extended Suite) 

As we approach the final two tracks, we wanted to offer you a journey to explore your subconscious mind. We are massive fans of the film inception and in particular the soundtrack created by Hans Zimmer. This 10-minute version is a subtle but delicate composition, which draws from the original theme and grows organically. Be prepared to question the nature of your reality after hearing it.

Hans Zimmer - Inception: Time (Official Extended Suite)

GOLD$TATU$ – Abandoned

The final track. We felt it was poetic to leave you with a composition from us, but from a different alias of ours. Our GOLD$TATU$ alias is a platform where we experiment with sound beyond house music. This track encompasses flavours from our favourite composers such as Hans Zimmer, John Barry, Ramin Djawadi and more.

GOLD$TATU$ - Abandoned (Original Score)


Ruze – Chapters [PIV039] – Out now

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