Back To Mine with Sofian Rouge

French composer and musician Sofian Rouge captures a series of glorious musical moments on his expressive new Amalthée EP for Moon Beam Records. Frédéric Faupin is an artist who thinks deeply about the music he makes, always looking to imbue it with a sense of his personality. He has put out well-received concept albums – ‘Surface’ in 2019 and ‘Between Time & Earth’ in 2013 – and has collaborated with Ben Watt, Doc Brown, and Fabrizio Mammarella. The Frenchman makes heady, dreamy techno as inspired by Jean-Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream and shows that in style here. His Amalthée EP is as honest and vulnerable as techno gets, and as such, makes a truly lasting impression. Here comes a stunning Back To Mine 10…


Rooftop paradise – Weval 

Unmissable title from a legendary ep in the world of electronica. Weval transported me away with this first release and still assert today an exemplary musical personality. This record has really influenced some of my productions, especially as Sofian Rouge. 

Weval - Rooftop Paradise

Aura – ATOEM 

Two young Frenchmen in the line of this slow, modern and spatial house which makes me vibrate so much. The analog sounds of the vintage synths have an incredible richness. They have nothing to envy in the greatest and I wish them all the best. 

Ride – Hosh 

A track that has been in my dj set for a few years. I like these heady grooves based on very pure mono synths that evolve slowly with an efficient and clean beat. The pianos drowned in reverb make for a dreamy and intimate side which bring together the dance floor and romanticism… 

HOSH - Ride [fryhide]

Wide Eyed- Benjamin Fincher 

Benjamin Fincher, offer up a beautiful release. He is above all a very refined artist with an intimate and touching musicality. His voice is ethereal and I met him the year this record was released. We now work together often, and he is the voice of Sofian Rouge. 

Benjamin Fincher - Clip "Wide Eyed"

Time – Pachanga Boys 

What a wonderful track to end a set in beauty, an unstoppable rise, chord sequences that just want to be repeated endlessly. A timeless bomb. 

Pachanga Boys - Time

Kiasmos – Blurred 

Simplicity of the melody, simplicity of the instrumentation and yet a beauty that reveals itself as the track progresses. The hypnosis transports us throughout the structure of the work. The instrumentation is organic with a very discreet piano, strings rubbed and plucked and a deep rhythm, very minimalist and refined. A beautiful production. 

Knowing We’ll Be here -- Daniel Avery

A few years ago a label manager said that some of my productions sounded like this track. That’s how I discovered the bewitching Daniel Avery. All the styles he touches are mastered and I love his rhythmic approach to synthesizers. 

Daniel Avery - Knowing We'll Be Here (Official Video)

A new error – Moderat

We don’t present them anymore… A few years ago, they were THE underground reference in Berlin. 

Moderat - A New Error

Departer – Deltawerk 

A group of musicians from Amsterdam signed here at Atomnation. I love this label! (Weval mentioned above were also with them). This track is often in my sets, and I sometimes played the whole album “Passages” mixing each of the 9 tracks.

Deltawerk - Departer


Artist: Sofian Rouge

Title: Amalthée EP

Label: Moon Beam Records

Release: Out now

Format: Vinyl, Digital