Back to Mine with Sommerfeldt

Oslo label Badabing Diskos follows its glorious first release with a new EP from Sommerfeldt, who offers up his most club-ready sound with Sigmund Floyd’s dreamy vocals. Sommerfeldt is another Scandinavian electronic king who has worked under various monikers, including Sommerstad and De Fantastiske To. He has previously released tracks on acclaimed labels such as Paper Recordings and Full Pupp and has remixed everyone from Way Out West to Amp Fiddler while establishing himself as a prominent figure in the Oslo club circuit. This first solo EP under his name is heavily influenced by the wide selection of music you’d find in his record bag, from UK garage to house and even new wave legends such as The Cure. Meanwhile, Sigmund Floyd is known for his work with legendary dub disco orchestra Palace of Pleasure and the electropop band Legz11. He is also a go-to vocalist for many electronic producers.

And here Sommerfeldt delivers a wondrous Back To Mine…

MJ Cole – Sincere
This turned me into a huge garage fan back in the early 2000`s and still gives me the chills. Skippy beats, soulful vocals and those amazing melodies.

The Cure – A Forest
Almost everything about the Cure is amazing, this is a definitive highlight for me.

Grand National – Talk Amongst Yourselves (Sasha Involver Remix)
Released back in 2004 with his Involver album, brings back good so many memories. Sasha remixed and re-edited every track to perfection and pretty much the whole mix still stands out as a timeless piece of music.

Jose Gonzalez – Heartbeats
Huge fan of this guy, the ultimate music for winding down and relaxing with a lovely glass of bubbly. His cover of The Knife is an absolute Beauty!

Hubbabubbaklubb – Et annet Sted
Homegrown band. Incredible album, incredible programming and some really clever and well written vocals on top. Really cool guys too!

Atlas – Compass Error (Tarantella vs Redanka mix)
A track from one of those early standout mixes in the Global Underground area. Nick Warren did something special on his Reykjavik mix, and this downtempo & dubby number still gets the occasional rewind!

Spooky – Belong
Still blows my mind. It’s all about the vocals.

Michael Kiwanuka – Home Again
Pretty new to this artist. Introduced by my lovely girlfriend. Soulful and warm, straight up my alley!

Kerri Chandler – So let the wind come (Remix)
One of kerri`s finest! Just builds and builds towards the whole track. Proper House Music!

William De Vaughn – Be Thankful For What You Got
Such a groovy track! The title says it all.


Artist: Sommerfeldt ft Sigmund Floyd
Title: Overloved/The Simmerfeldt
Label: Badabing Diskos
Release: 8th April 2022
Cat No: badabing02ep
Format: Digital