Werner Niedermeier

Roy Ayers Ubiquity – Everybody Loves The Sunshine

Timeless classic.Listened to that song for years and still do now when sitting on the beach anywhere in the world.

Everybody Loves The Sunshine – Roy Ayers Ubiquity (1976)

The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice

This record flashed me from the day I first heard it. Proper piece of house music.

The Detroit Experiment – Think Twice (Original)

THE KLF – Chill Out

This album was played probably 3000 times since my early twenties at every after hour or chill session as far as I remember back.

The KLF – Chillout (1080p)

War – The World Is A Ghetto

Black music at its finest. Love the original, especially this mix. Just simply has it all. Funk, Blues, Jazz & Soul… A perfect piece of music!

War – The World Is A Ghetto (Special Us Disco Mix)

Kraftwerk – The Robots

My first record I ever bought and still my all time favorite. Will never change I guess.

Kraftwerk – The Robots

Gareth Whitehead  

Daniel Johnston – Speeding Motorcycle

An understated genius. Sad to hear he passed away recently.

Speeding Motorcycle

Devo – Mongoloid

It’s all in the bassline.

Devo | Mongoloid | Official Demo Video

Shirley Bassey – Jezahel

You can’t really go wrong with this song.

Shirley Bassey – Jezahel

Nirvana – School

Intro says it all!

The Gaslamp Killer – Nissim

A nice hook in an unusual style!

The Gaslamp Killer – Nissim

Werner Niedermeier & Gareth Whitehead

Announce leftfield-house EP ‘Analogue Matters’ via Bulletdodge RecordsRelease Date: Monday 14th October 2019Prolific producers, Werner Niedermeier and Gareth Whitehead are poised to announce their debutEP with the arrival of ‘Analogue Matters’ this October through Bulletdodge Records and will feature aseries of remixes from the legendary dub DJ / producer Mad Professor and Point of Motion. They say: “We are both excited about this release. It’s a change in direction for us, which is nice as ithas given us a sense of musical freedom. Not being constrained by the parameters of a particulargenre is very liberating. Both remixers have done an excellent job and really compliment the releaseas a whole.”Veteran artists in their own right, both Werner Niedermeier and Gareth Whitehead have beencollaborating for over ten years. Until recently their musical creations were synonymous with thehouse and techno genres, however they have now decided to develop their sound further, cultivatinga more eclectic sound.To complement their musical output, both artists have DJ’d all over the world and both have runtheir own record labels.To date they have appeared on labels such as Kling Klong, KMS, Poker Flat, Compost, Broque, Audiomatique, Nummer Schallplatten and Safari Numerique plus many more.