13 and God “Soft Atlas”

Love the heavy Piano in this one. Unbeatable, classic Hip Hop at its finest.

13 and God "Soft Atlas" (Official/best)

Ben Morris – Gissningsleken

Nice remake of ‘The Brothers Four – Greenfields‘, super playful but still has that nice dirty flavour in it.

BEN MORRIS-Gissningsleken

Boards of Canada – Peacock Tail

This doesn’t need to much introduction. The whole Album is just pure bliss in my eyes. 
Also love MHTRTC Album. Still this one has a certain ease to it which i love.

Pierre Bastien – Avid Diva

This Guy just needs to be mentioned. Building crazy music machines which create a wonderful soundscape.

Pierre Bastien – Avid Diva

Den Sorte Skole – En Lille En

Master of Sampling i would call them. 
Creating a complete new Album out of 250 other Records, taking thousand of Samples and recombining them into one big Mix- Album – Combination.

Den Sorte Skole – En Lille En

Mark Pritchard – ?

Just found this guy recently through a friend. Hooked from the first moment. Great Album. This is just the ‚intro’.

Mark Pritchard – ?

Wide Awake – Dollars in the Desert

The sound of Wide Awake just fits every Afterhour perfect, period.

Dollars in the Desert

Feathered Sun – Ocean Tree 

Not to fast, not to slow. Just right. Superdeep, light mood combined with just the right amount of Voice.

Feathered Sun – Ocean Tree (Nu, Raz'Ohara, Johannes Laumer, Joke, Christopher Schwarzwalder)

Viken Arman – Charlie’s Absinthe

The track just grooves right into my heart. Love the Horns.

Charlie's Absinthe

Günther Lause – Loose Your

Fluffy sound here. Played this a lot during the years. Haven’t heard it in a while myself. Thx DMC Magazine for reminding me on this one;)

Günther Lause – Loose Your // Laut & Luise (LUL003)

Christopher Schwarzwälder & Iannis

Christopher Schwarzwälder & Iannis unveil new album ‘Out the Window’ via Hold Your Ground this summer Berlin based leftfield/minimal house duo Christopher Schwarzwälder & Iannis Ritterarepoised to announce a brand new album with the arrival of ‘Out the Window’ through cultHamburg label Hold Your Ground / Audiolith this summer. An antithesis to the digital age, this 8-track long-player embraces the natural, organic analogue approach to songcraft. “Take your phone, your tablet and your TV and throw them out the window! Thatʼs the spirit and the idea uniting “Out the Window”, they explain.”Listening to this otherworldly piece of downtempo electronica will make you feel relieved and excited as if you had actually removed your electronic shackles for a little while. This album is light and heavy at the same time, itʼs in your room and outside, it is loud and quietlike an extroverted introvert”.The album is a juxtaposition of well-known, homey sounds and the strange. The intro “SnowBroom” feels like waking up on holiday, where you hear the familiar sounds of your love done in the kitchen, however, they are in a new kitchen, so it feels alluringly different. The title track “Out the Window” seems to conjure the listener and you will find yourself spacing out as if you were smoking really good sativa for the first time. Electron (feat. Mo) is another highlight, with its different characters it resembles an audiobook of “The NeverendingStory”. The vocals in “Make things smaller” and “Safe Place” feel hip-hop influenced and ancient, like someone rapping in-front of an open fire.“Out the window” is an album for late summer, autumn, wintertime or any time that you like to look out the window and inside your own mind.