Kramnik – Back To Mine

Late night grooving at the best after parties in town

1. ‘The Grass is Always Greener‘ Jichael Mackson (co-produced with Jacob Sharzi)  
To be honest, I think this guy is a genius. This track is just one example of what he’s capable of doing, but he has a lot more. A very long track with samples from Chris Isaak (I think…).

2. ‘Post Traumatic Son’ Ben Klock Vibe Mix (James Ruskin)
This was the opening track in one of my “Invisible Radio Shows”, and I love the way it builds a very symphonic atmosphere. Perfect for these type of moments.  

3. ‘Hustle’ – The Echologist
Closer in sound to Jichael Mackson, and also full of details. I really like the appearance of that low sub base from time to time. These sort of lows are very appreciated in after hours…

4. ‘Esraj’ Sisman
There’s something mystical about this track, maybe because it sounds middle eastern but it’s definitely one of my favourites.

5. ‘Harmuk’ from ‘Dark Matters’ album – Kramnik
Probably my mellowest track in the ‘Dark Matters’ album, with some harmonicas that I recorded myself.

6. ‘Influenza’ Tommy Dee Remix (ZB)
You have to love the drama in this track… The type of track that could mark a turning point within a set, or could even be the opening track late in the night. I can’t say enough about this brilliant piece of work because it’s very rare to come across something so unique.

7. ‘Helsinki’ Digital Edit (Ripperton)  
Without a doubt the most down-tempo part of the chart, but I love the subtleties all throughout and the ambient feeling to it.

8. ‘Hunter’ (Martin Butrich)
A killer song that works in many different scenarios because it’s also very danceable, and I like the minimal feeling to it. Great synth work!

9.  ‘Ahck’ (Minilogue)
This is actually the first track of the very first “Invisible Radio Show”, as I’m a big Minilogue fan. Jichael Mackson, did a remix of this track, but this one is much more mellow. A great prelude song from which to take off.

10. ‘What Else Is Out There’ BioRg Reinterpretation (DJ Royce)
One of my favourite tracks of all time. I think this is a work of art, not only because of the production quality, but also because of its construction and approach. This is the type of song that seems to get better and better with time, and I know it works just about anywhere.

Kramnik’s “Dark Matters Remixes Vol 1 EP” with mixes from Hernan Cattaneo & Martin Garcia, Gabriel Ananda, Ben Sims and Franco & Mikecomes out now on Kram Record.
‘Vol 2’  with mixes from Timo Maas, Nick Warren, Hans Bouffmhyre and SQL is out on October 20th.
Kramnik’s debut “Dark Matters” album is out 20th December 2012

Kramnik’s “Invisible Radio Show”: