Back To Mine – MSMS

After hours with the German production duo of Marcus Schmahl & Michael Schickert.

MSMSMSMS is the German production duo of Marcus Schmahl & Michael Schickert, a pair who have a long- standing history in dance music. Marcus is a respected producer behind projects such as Broombeck, Guardner & Rauschfaktor, whilst Michael is a well-known deep house DJ. The pair have been friends for over two decades but joined forces musically in 2010 with the launch of the MSMS name. Releases for Kitball, Takt and of course Plastic City followed and led to Schmahl & Schickert taking to the road with their live show and combined DJ sets.
Now the duo are ready for the launch of their debut LP, the outstanding ‘The Ride’. The record incorporates thirteen original compositions and features the distinctive vocals of Terry Grant (Bedrock, Baroque etc) on three of the tracks. The album opens with the nu-disco influenced house cut ‘Take Me’, a wonderfully off kilter affair with twisted vocals and some outstanding retro synth work before launching into the techy vocal excellence of ‘What Am I To You’. Throughout the LP there are stylistic swings from house to ambient electronica, to tech house and disco but all are delivered by beautifully by MSMS. The hypnotic glitch sounds of ‘Dawn’ provide a mesmerizing and laid back vibe, whilst title track ‘The Ride’ is a funk guitar fuelled floorfiller perfect for the main room. There is no doubt that Schmahl & Schickert are a talented pair and this LP cements their position as a force to be reckoned with.

Back to Mine MSMS

Finnebassen – Touching Me (Noir)
Noir Music is one of our favourite deep house label. We hope to have the chance to release MSMS tracks on it too.

Fur Coat – You And I Feat. Cari Golden (Amirali Remix) (Crosstown Rebels)
We love Caris voice, that’s why we took this one. In combination with the remix of Amirali it is a great piece of music for every situation.

George Fitzgerald – Like A Child (Aus Music)
Oldskool sounds/chords are always welcome in our DJ sets. We like it!

Doctor Dru – The Voice Of Dru (Exploited)
Bassline and beats are very nice in combination with a lot of 80s sounds and stuff. This one is working on a dance floor.

MSMS & Terry Grant – The Killing Kind (Plastic City)
We have made already 4 tracks with Terry and we love all of them! He is an amazing singer/songwriter. Every song is like we have been together in one studio working on a track, but we made an instrumental and he created text and voice in his studio.

Kate Simko – Go On Then Feat. Jem Cooke (Leftroom)
Vocals fit great to the deep drumming/bassline combination. It’s a nice dubby tune.

Alex Flatner & Lopazz – 2Night (Get Physical)
Alex is a friend of us, really a nice guy. He is an analog instrument nerd like Marcus, that’s why we always have something to talk about. Especially with his studio mate Lopazz, he is creates very nice and deep songs for the dance floor.

Flight Facilities – With You Feat. Grovesnor (MAM Remix) (Future Classic)
A song with a touch of the 80s is a must in nowadays deephouse afterhour playlists. We like!

Oliver Koletzki – Fifty Ways To Love Your Liver Feat. Jake The Rapper (Andhim Remix) (Stil Vor Talent)
Music great – remix excellent – text uber funny!! Afterhour party track…

MSMS & Chriss Vogt – Needy Girl (Plastic City)
One of our favorites of our forthcoming album. This is a nice summer tune!


MSMS ‘The Ride’ (Plastic City)

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