Rune RK

Ibiza 2012 Special

What is your favourite memory of Ibiza 2012?

“I finally found the legendary Atlantis. I’ve heard about it since 1999. Also it was great hearing my music in a lot of places on the island, especially the places I didn’t expect. It’s been a great season for me.”

Tune of the summer?

“Julio Bashmore ‘Au Seve’.”

Most overplayed record of the summer?

“I actually have no clue. It seemed everyone was playing quite different tracks. Thankfully.”

Favourite resident DJ on the island?

“John Sa Trinxa for sure. Been a fan of him for years.”

Why is Ibiza still the best party location in the world?

“It’s just the best place on earth. You can do whatever you want, whenever you want. The clubs are amazing, the music is always fantastic. The restaurants are some of the best in the world, and then there is the beach. I always find something new, and I’ve been there every summer for 13 years.”

Ibiza is now split straight down the middle with serious DJs spinning quality house and techno on one side, and DJs playing the big room bangers on the other. Discuss…

“Well there’s obviously room for both worlds, which in my world is positive. However when I first started going, there would be a broader style of DJjing. You would have Tanya Volcano and Eric Morillo on the same line up, You don’t see that so much anymore. Bit of a shame. I really miss those more mixed parties, since I get really bored with one sound for too long. I love going to dc10, but I just can’t stand that sleep house sound for more than 3 hours. I just miss dynamic DJ sets  a lot. I’ve got a new residency in my hometown Copenhagen, where I play for 6 hours. I’ll go from deep house to big room tracks to techno at the end. That’s what I miss on the island these days.”

What new party caused the biggest splash in their debut summer this year? And why?

“It seems the Nervo chicks really worked out on the Mondays @ Ushuaia. Thats a huge step for my favourite girls. I had a blast.”

Favourite restaurant and beach in Ibiza?

“Es Caliu and Benhirras for sure. Love the hippie vibe, and I’m sure the grill at Es Caliu hasn’t been washed for 20 years. It’s fantastic.”

Do you think the 123 Rocktronic Festival that featured the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Elton John, Sting, David Guetta and Tiesto this year is an important addition to the Ibiza summer, or do you think it is a case of one too many party on an already bulging season?

“San Antonio is not the most inspiring place to go out on the island, so a one day festival for the people who cant afford to pay 80 Euros to get in to Pacha is a great thing. At least they get to hear quality music.”

What is the one record that will always remind you of Ibiza…?

“Rune-Calabria for sure. I’ts the island that brought my biggest hit to the world. I am forever grateful.”

Best venue in Ibiza and why?

“Honestly, I’ve always been a huge fan of Space. I always loved the terrace, especially when it was still open air. These days it kinda feels a lot like a supermarket. It’s so crammed, and there is no where to breathe.  I’d say my favourite club would still be Pacha. I just love the decadence.”

A lot of money has been spent on the island in recent years improving things, what do you think is the biggest improvement on the island?

“The roads for sure. It used to be really tuff getting around.”

What nationality are the craziest people on the dancefloor?

“It seems all nationalities check in their brains on arrival and leave them at the airport. On Ibiza, everybody is CRAZY.”

Breakthrough artist of 2012?

“I’d say the Nervo chicks. They have been blowing up lately.”

If you had to pick one person to go out clubbing with in Ibiza, who would it be?

“If it couldn’t be Grace Jones, P Diddy or David Byrne it would have to be my ex manager C.K. We have had the wildest times on that island. The question “who’s managing who”, came up quite often.”

And finally, tell us about your first trip to the white isle…

“First time I was there was in 1999. I went with a bunch of friends on a cheap charter holiday, and stayed in San An. I had no money whatsoever so I just ate junk for 7 days. We rented a car and drove around the island. We heard everyone play, and hustled our way into all the clubs. Back then all you needed was a bunch of white labels and you just had to act important. We partied so hard, that I strained my ankle at the end of the stay and couldn’t walk for 3 weeks. I felt so silly. My favourite moment was when I ended up dancing with seven leather gay guys from Germany. I was trying to pull their friend (who was a super hot chick) and I got completely lost in the moment, since the music was so good.”