Mint Royale

Ten City – ‘That’s The Way Love Is’
The first 12″ I ever bought after hearing it on John Peel, and one of the best house vocals ever.

Graham Coxon – ‘Freakin’ Out’
An instant energy rush and still my current favourite driving song.

Antony and the Johnsons – ‘For Today I Am A Boy’
I got his album the day before my daughter was born and used to listen to the track over and over on the way to and from the hospital, I find his voice mesmerising.

Underworld – ‘Dirty’
Underworld at their best, my personal highlight from dubnobassinmyheadman which showed how they were able to bring emotion to dance music in a way few others have been able to since.

The Killers – ‘Mr Brightside’
The best Indie dance track for years, no argument.

Grand National – ‘Peanut Dreams’
My favourite track from one of my favourite albums of last year, he’s obviously a very clever bloke.

Schneider TM – ‘The Light 3000’
The best cover of a Smith’s song I know, a surprisingly warming combination of cold bleeps and dour lyrics.

Los Paranoias – ‘If I Squint They Look Like Stars’
A great title and one of many highlights from a great album.

Morning Runner – ‘Oceans’
One of those rare songs that when you play it to people they just go quiet until it ends – beautiful.

Modest Mouse – ‘Float On’
Just such a life affirming track, makes any day feel like summer.