Paperclip People ‘Throw’
This I remember from the first shindig party in Newcastle years and years back – FX and Digit on 4 decks – cut up two copies of CLS ‘can you feel it’ was also a highlight as i remember, but Paperclip people has managed to stand the test of time I still get exited when someone plays it and freak out when the vocal effects come in at the end… ddrrruugggss!

Neu ‘Hallogallo’
This is without doubt the greatest driving song ever recorded – on the way to the vice festival this summer we listened to it twice on the way there and then played it at the party and once on the way back – clocking up 50 minutes of kraut – the groove never changes, yet its so listenable it make me sick…

David Shire ‘The Conversation Soundtrack’
This is just some jazzy piano playing – really simple and probably took about ten minutes to do, the theme keeps repeating though out the film – a very simple device – but its such a moody introverted film , this one of my favorite cinematic moments musically.

lfo – lfo
My first favorite moody Techno rave classic, vocoder, check, analogue bass, check, bleeps, check, dark chords, check… a massive influence on my first 12″ on grand central ‘take control’ – I still play it now.

The Cure ‘A Forest’
I’ve always been a huge cure fan – I covered killing an Arab on my last LP – this has to be Neu influenced looking back at it, it certainly has the driving the Motorik beat but combined with a both hypnotic and melodic bass line – a really classy track.

Kraftwerk ‘Autobahn’
Man forget Vilalobos’s siren noises these guys had the best Doppler effect going along time ago – if anyone hasn’t seen the animation for this then try to find it somewhere its the best euro hippy cartoon ever.

The Smiths ‘Oscillate Wildly’
This is such a powerful piece of instrumental pop that could have only been made at the time by those people – even though what makes the smiths so special is Morrissey’s lyrics the fact there are none on this one leave a space to be filled by the listener – that’s why it works so well to me.

Georgio Moroder ‘From Here To Eternity’
Amazing tech disco from the master arpeggios and sustained chords all totally work every time but what makes this special is the the totally fruity vocals and nasty chord progressions, right on the edge of good taste like all really great memorable dance tracks.

Superbike ‘Fattruckers’
All the songs on this list I’ve have listened to and rewound and listened to again and again – but with this one you don’t need to cos it does the same thing for 10 minutes – just joking Ben – I actually went to see Simian when there second sadly overlooked LP came out and Fattruckers came on and i thought that they were Simian and freaked out out cos I could believe that they’d make this insane shit too – I was totally jealous.

Sergius Golowin ‘Der Reigen’
If any track deserves the title Kosmiche then its this one, 17 minutes of folky German hippy trance by some totally tech players – but what takes it to the next level is the incantations over the top in German by Lord Krishna Von Goloka – obviously part of some pagan cult – blow you mind this one, totally unique.

Vangelis ‘Let It Happen’
Listening to this track transports you in to a different world I was first introduced to this in Manchester by DJ Moonboots at his aficionado night – it was basically the theme tune to the Sunday parties there.