Chic ‘I Want Your Love’
The production is timeless and emotional, but still so simple – A masterpiece

Massive Attack ‘Unfinished Symphathy’
So many memories to this, still sounds amazing.

Soul Providers ‘Rise’
The funky house anthem of anthems. Bini & Martini’s finest moment on the mix.

M Gee ‘Bodyswerve’
Came out of nowhere after a year as an instrumental with one of Mica Paris’ best vocal performances.

Chrystal Waters ‘Gypsy Woman’
Even though it was a novelty record, the vibe in this record is still amazing.

Urban Soul ‘Alright’
Remember dancing my socks off to this at Limelight in NY.

Skipworth & Turned ‘Thinking About You’
Before the days of house and I remember the dub still – Magic.

Change ‘Change of Attitude’
Jam & Lewis at their peak, powerful and still soulful – Sheer class.

Sueno Latino ’Sueno Latino’
The Italians nailed it and it’s still a very influential record.

Pharell Williams ‘Frontin’
Couldn’t believe it was made in recent times. Makes me think of Curtis and other legends.