What was the inspiration behind your latest release ‘St. Lucia’?

I started working with Jono, an incredibly talented recording artist, a few months prior to starting this track. We mostly worked on Hip-Hop and R&B tracks, but one day we were just inspired to make a record that we could playout throughout the summer. A track that would instantly make you want to start dancing no matter where you were.


How was the production process?

When starting the project, I envisioned a moombahton style beat with brass elements to boost the energy of the record. I began by programing the drums for the breakdown, and tried developing various melodies that would fit in the verse. I worked on a few melodies that I really enjoyed but that were a little bit too complex to layer over a verse. I didn’t delete those midi tracks but I just muted them. I then decided to take a step back and face the melody with a simpler approach. I ended up creating these plucked chords that would play on the offbeat, and it just sat nicely in the mix. I then went on to develop the rest of verse and chorus by implementing the brass elements mentioned above and various other layers to fill the space. When it came time to design the drop, I remembered that I had created various melodies to use for the breakdown that were just sitting there. I was curious to see if the melodies would work well in the drop. I dropped one of the melodies onto to brass lead channel I created and to my surprise it worked really well. I was glad I didn’t delete those midi clips because without those, the track would not be what it is today. Big lesson learned that day.

How did the collaboration come about?

The record began with just Jono and I. We both shared a vision of creating a summer “beach club” style track. After recording the first half of the track, we were brainstorming ideas for the second verse. After bouncing ideas back and forth we realized that a good friend of ours always wanted to be featured on one of our tracks. We called Nate Woods and asked if he would like to be a part of the project. He happily accepted the request and came over to record the rest of the track. All three of us contributed to making this song what it is today, and I am so happy I had a chance to work with these incredible artists.

Tell us more about D-SAB and the wide range of genres you cross?

One goal I have for myself is not be confined by a single genre. If you go through my discography, you can see that I produce many different genres, but they all hold a specific energy in them. Each genre I produce is correlated to a specific color. So if you look through my cover arts each background color represents a specific genre/style. I am consistently working on new tracks to release and new boundaries to break.

Are you spending lots of time in the studio?

100%! I dedicate a portion of each day for studio time. Some days I’m in there for 12 – 14 hours, on other days I only have time for a hour of musical work, but I make sure I have some time each day to work on my production. Also, a common misconception many people have is that studio time equals making music. Some times I spend my time simply on sound design to create a pack of new sounds to use for my upcoming tunes. Other times I organize new samples and create templates to maximize future workflow. So even if you don’t have that much time to work on a full song, there are things you can work on that will make your next writing session a lot stronger!

What can we expect next from D-SAB?

Expect a ton of new music and a bunch of new genres. Jono and I have been working on a lot of hip-hop/R&B tracks that are really unique and I am excited to release those in the upcoming months. While I had a few releases lined up for the summer and festival season, I decided to take a step back and release tracks on an individual basis based on the current situation at hand. I will definitely be releasing music in the upcoming, but I am not exactly sure which tracks I will release.


D-SAB ‘St Lucia’ is out now…https://fanlink.to/cXiq