Back To Mine with CO-PILOT

1. LFO / LFO

Impossible not to start from the LFOs, seminal artists of the whole club culture!  And this song is the manifesto of an entire generation.

2. TECHNOTRONIC / Pump Up The Jam

I distinctly remember that this song stuck in my mind after listening to the FAITH NO MORE  live at Brixton Academy sung by Mike Patton at the piano end of EPIC. Recently i ve done a re-edit cover of the song in Co-Pilot style.

Technotronic - Pump Up The Jam (Official Video)

3. BRAN VAN 3000 / Drinking In La

One of the songs that marked my adolescence. The essence of a perfect song,  one of those songs that every artist would have liked to write.

Bran Van 3000 - Drinking in L.A. (Official Music Video) - Best Quality

4. BURIAL / Shell Of Light

Burial slowly introduced me to the world of electronic music and this album is a manifesto.  At that time I was a drummer for various heavy rock bands and listening to UNTRUE turned on a new light for me.

Burial: Shell of Light (Hyperdub 2007)

5. AUTECHRE / Tankakern

Very difficult for me to choose only one song for Autechre. Could be too simple to choose from the landmark Incunabula, but i loved soo much this album and this song in particular.


They are my favorites and one of my musical influences from which I draw inspiration.  This song is the emblem of the perfect electronic song, I especially love the apocalyptic sounds in there.

Demdike Stare - Curzon

7. ARCA / Mutant

She is the new genius of electronic music. In addition to her songwriting skills, she is also a great producer:  try listening to the latest FKA Twigs album and compare it with the penultimate one. Find the differences.  She is the master of sound and this song is proof of that.

8. JAGA JAZZIST / Animal Chin

I have always esteemed the Scandinavian extrem jazz scene. I had the pleasure to meet members  of the N Collective (Norwegian Collective) and to touch the idea of music that they have there.  This song is the perfect meeting of multiple genres mixed with style and innovation.

Jaga Jazzist - Animal Chin

9. BATTLES / They Played It Twice 

It seems strange to choose a song from the last Battles album because obviously Mirrored is incomparable, but in my opinion it is their best song ever written … and it made me discover one of the most beautiful  voices of this historical period, she’s XENIA RUBINOS. More generally, Battles are one of my biggest influences  both in terms of drumming and writing. Mike Stainer is my guru drummer.

They Played It Twice (feat. Xenia Rubinos)

10. WHITE ZOMBIE / More Human Than Human

Rob Zombie was my hero of the 2000s. I still have this album in my car and I often listen to it again.  More human than human is the anthem of those years and still today shakes and kicks asses.

White Zombie - More Human Than Human (Official Video)

CO-PILOT – D.I.Y EP (weme records)

Leading Belgian label Weme Records welcome talented drummer and multi-instrumentalist Co- Pilot for a debut EP that shows off his thrilling, multi-genre sounds, while DJ Solomon remixes. Co-Pilot is an Italian artist who has been playing drums and various other instruments since his youth. He’s been the likes of The Lovely Savalas and Majakovich, and with them has put out albums and toured all over the US. ‘D.I.Y’ EP sees him mix up breakbeat, house, retrieve, fizzing electronics and his own sublime drum beats into something truly innovative. First up, ‘Beat Brother (Is Watching You)’ is a flurry of drum beats, mad instrumentals and samples that sounds like an old school kung fu movie turned into a rave soundtrack that’s brilliantly beguiling. ‘One Forty Kicks’ is another collision of huge drum brass and hits, with glassy melodies and haunting harmonies lighting up the background. ‘Deep House Tet’ is again filled with kinetic live drums and wild hits, but with tender vocal cries and warm pads also thrown into the most arresting mix. Things slow down with the multiple melodies and harmonies of ’69 Step’. Heavily filtered vocals bring the weirdness while surging bass adds to the weight of the rhythm. ‘Suburban Retro Wave Superstar’ is the last original and is another heavy track that bristles with muttered voices, frenzied drums and occult sounds that are impossible to define. DJ Solomon hails from Chicago and is the Cunz Dimension co-founder who is legendary for his remixes.

Out now… CO-PILOT – D.I.Y EP (weme records) Cat. No: weme057