Hey Dinkis, great to meet you!

Hi guys, the pleasure is mine. I’m happy to have a chat with you.

Winter is coming – do you like colder darker days, does it mean you get more music made?

Yes, especially when it rains, it relaxes me. I love winter, the cold and the dark makes me more productive, the world almost seems to stop. But this winter I will dedicate it to myself as a person. I need to tidy up my heart and mind, before starting a new job.

What were some of the best times of summer, what stands out now you look back?

This summer has been very heavy for me. My mood was not at its peak. I live in Sicily where the sea is everywhere, and I didn’t go there even once. Captain years in my life where I close myself in the studio and vent everything I hear in music, my music.

About the label, what’s the aim, the vibe?

Wout Records is a family. The aim is to publish good music and grab new artists, ideas and amaze those who follow us. The atmosphere is always the emotional one, the key is always the emotion.

What are the good and bad bits about having your own label?

The positive one is the passion that I also hold for the music industry. And I’ve been happy to take care of Wout Records for six years, since I founded it. I’ve spent a lot of time for my music in my life, and perhaps the only downside is that I dedicate more to my music and the label than to me as a person.

Is it inspired by any other labels? Any you would like to end up like?

I am not inspired by many labels, I am a very good observer, and I manage to capture small details that cause me emotions and these give me inspiration. I’m influenced by both the independent and the majors. I don’t know who I aspire to be like, but I can tell you that I would like my label to be one of the most important labels. For me, nothing is impossible, my family grows, and we continue to challenge increasingly ambitious ideas.

Tell us about your new EP – what inspired or influenced it?

It’s the most intimate music I’ve ever made. “New Light” was an outburst, I needed to tell it and I did it in a story of five chapters. it is this story of my dark times all told with this new EP. Love and fears are part of the same game, and of this story. The light is coming back.

There is a deep press release accompanying the music – it talks about journeys, particles, and so on – is this in your mind when making music?

I honestly don’t know what’s on my mind when I make music. I think with my heart, but that phrase reflects who I am, and what I want to represent with my new work.

Is dance music about escapism for you? What are you escaping from?

Often at night, I dream of running away from people who are chasing me. The feet in dreams look like concrete blocks, but nevertheless they never catch me. However, I don’t know exactly what I escape from in real life. Maybe I don’t even run, I run only on the path I have chosen, and I can’t stop.

What else have you got coming up/are you working on?

I always have many ideas in mind, and it takes time to develop them, but this summer I worked a lot and now I can begin to unveil those already developed for this winter.

In January the last chapter will be released, which will close this story. It will be something different from the usual and very long. Prepare your minds for this long journey.

I’ll also release with my friend Michele Anullo our second EP together. This time it will be an EP different from the previous one. That was done following my ideas, this one instead will be more his style. You will recognise my sounds, but the beat and the structure will be signed by Michele.

On Wout Records, we have worked on many things. We have caught new artists and new ideas. In the spring we will launch our second collection of clothes, but the big news we’re excited about is the start of the first Wout Records tour. We will leave in February from Rabat, Morocco, and from there the road will be long.

It was a pleasure to talk with you, thanks!

Dinkis ‘New Light’ is out on Wout Records on December 2nd

Grab it here –