This week sees rising South African DJs Chynaman, Kususa & Argento Dust teaming up with Black Coffee collaborator/vocalist, Azola, to deliver their stunning debut single, ‘Just Love’. Independently, the trio have experienced their own individual success across Africa and abroad and despite previous smaller collaborations between the artists, this is the first time that the Durban based trio have joined together on a single track. DMCWORLD dives in for another world exclusive with the Kususa duo, two of the most exciting producers on the planet right now…

So, let’s dive straight in. For those who aren’t familiar with you and your music, can you please explain who you are and what you do?

We are a South African producer/DJ duo and we make Afro House (usually defined as Afro Tech) music.

What/who inspired you to get into music and how long have you been DJing and producing music? 

Individually we have different references of inspiration and starting points. We have been producing music together since 2016 and DJing together since early 2017.

Being a duo, how do you prefer to work in the studio? Does one of you work on the drums while the other works on the synths or do you alternate writing each part or something else?

Each song is different, for some we will be just vibing in the studio while others, one will start with the drums and we exchange project files until we’re both satisfied. 

You’ve collaborated with fellow Durban-based DJs Chynaman & Argento Dust for the first time on your excellent new single ‘Just Love’ – please tell us about the track and how you all worked together on it?

The song was recorded by Chynaman and Azola’s vocals came first which were also written by her. In one of our studio sessions, Chynaman played back the vocals for us, which sounded sweet and evoked emotion. We quickly jumped on it with our producer friend Argento Dust and hit the studio with Chynaman & Argento Dust for consecutive days and by the end of the week we were all satisfied with the song. It had a little of us, a little of Argento Dust and a little of Chynaman on top of Azola vocals, this made it a perfect collaborative effort.

The Black Coffee collaborator/vocalist Azola also features on the record. She has an amazing voice. What was it like working with her? 

Her lyrical writing skills are amazing, her voice is bliss and a generally lovely contributor to work with. 

Please tell us about the house music scene in South Africa and why you think afro house is gaining a stronger international following year after year?

The house music scene in South Africa is very diverse, we have a new and amazing taste of house music (only originating here) and this is due to the diverse cultures present in South Africa, with everyone finding a creative way to embrace themselves in the house music realm.

Afro House is gaining international following year after year because it is moving into the electronica age with the rest of the world’s sound.

What has been your most memorable event/party to perform at to date and why?

It has to be the Black Coffee Hï Ibiza residency on the White Isle, Ibiza. The atmosphere at Hï Ibiza is out of this world, I truly understand why it’s among the best clubs in the world.

Black Coffee is regarded as a pioneer of the afro house scene, however apart from Chynaman, Argento Dust and yourselves what other South African DJs/producers should we be looking out for?

There definitely is…

– Da Capo

– Enoo Napa

– Karyendasoul

– Lemon & Herb

– Themba

You’ve recently appeared on the front cover of the UK’s leading dance music magazine Mixmag and also performed at Hï Ibiza in the summer. What would you like to achieve in 2020?

In 2020 we would really like to do a European tour in the summer with a couple of highlighted festivals and have more articles about our journey and sound on worldwide publications.

Your current DJ top 5…

1. Chynaman, Kususa, Argento Dust – Just Love (Jetblack Music)

Chynaman & Kususa & Argento Dust - Just Love Feat. Azola (Original Mix)

2. Bekzin Terris, Kususa & Argento Dust – Ghost [Aluku Records]

3. Kususa – Isthunzi [Get Physical Music]

4. Kususa & Argento Dust – Incwadi Encane [Sudam Recordings]

SDM068: Kususa & Argento Dust - Incwadi Encane (Original Mix) [Sudam Recordings]

5. Shimza feat. Kususa – Kunye [Cadenza Records]

Shimza Feat. Kususa - Kunye

‘Just Love Ft. Azola’ is out now via Jet Black Music. www.beatport.com/release/just-love/2768687