Julian Cross

With already numerous festival performances under his belt noting Tomorrowland and Matrixx At The Park, Julian has set his sights this year with the release of his debut album ‘Nebula’ in December. Inspired by future cosmic elements from the entire electronic music spectrum, Julian’s sound is essential listening and we can’t wait for its release. We took the opportunity to catch up with him and discuss everything from Belgium music scene, lockdown and his new single ‘Asteroids’…

Welcome to DMC World, Julian Cross, how are you doing?

I am doing really well.  Thank you.  Last weeks were of course very exciting due to the release of two of my singles from my album Nebula, more specifically Molecule and Asteroids.

Your new single ‘Asteroids’ was released today, congrats! Tell us more about your songwriting approach, how did this song come about?

Asteroids is about our subconscious.  We are fast asleep but our subconscious is wide-awake.  Nobody knows what comes on his way, but I am sure everyone has already experienced a moment he hoped his dreams would come true.  All those ideas cross our subconscious mind like Asteroids every night again and again. 

How have you found being in lockdown? Has it been beneficial or the opposite?

It is not an obvious time we currently live in.  As in many countries, also in Belgium we had a lockdown of several weeks and even now they are some very strict regulations in regards to Covid-19.  For youngster like myself these times can be rather confusing and challenging.  During the Corona lockdown I couldn’t go to my studio.  I had a lot of fun through the PS4 instead and I’ve spent time with my dog, Ace.  I have him since he was a puppy and I like to teach him some skills.

The artwork behind the last couple singles from your upcoming album ‘Nebula’ seem inspired by space and cosmology, is this true? What drew you to this as an inspiration?

Partly this is true for sure.  Space and cosmology are certainly things that fascinate me but also the manga Ghost in a Shell was a source of inspiration.  For my album I chose to combine this. 

You have performed at stages including Tomorrowland and Matrixx At The Park, how was it playing at these massive shows?

These were definitely experiences that I’ll always remember.  Those were really ‘wow’ moments, really insane.  When I stood there I pinched myself in the arm to check if it was real.

Around advice for new music producers starting out, what would you let them know?

One advice I would give them is ‘follow your dreams’; when you do, you really can make it happen’!  But I would also advice them to see that you are well guided when it comes to it, because there are also many sharks in the ocean…

Being from Belgium, has your local music scene helped you as an artist?

In fact I was born in the Netherlands and raised in Belgium.  These two countries are, as you all probably know, the home countries of some top-dj’s. I also went to Pioneer in the Netherlands to get a series of lessons on how to produce. The local music scene hasn’t helped me but inspired me. 

What else can we expect later this year?

I am working on some other projects right now.  I can’t tell too much about it yet but one of them is a clip for Asteroids. In December there will be the release from my album Nebula.  I also want to help with my label New Breed Records young upcoming artists. In the near future I want to continue doing what I like to do the most: making new music. I want listeners to have a good, happy, joyful feeling when they hear my music.  I want them to feel relaxed, amused.  Marilyn Manson once said: ‘Music is the strongest form of magic’… I want people to feel that magic…

Lastly what are the big 5 tunes you can share with our readers for this weekend…

Of course we start with…

Molecule by Julian Cross and Asteroids by Julian Cross.

Singles that are also worth putting in your playlist…

Sad in Scandinavia by Seeb

Reverie by Disclosure

Over now by Clavin Harris & The Weeknd


Julian Cross returns with enchanting new single ‘Asteroids’. The track features as second single from debut album, Nebula, out in December

Julian Cross -‘Asteroids’[New Breed Records / 100th Meridian Music]