In 2018, Swedish House Mafia debuted the first Magnificence EP tracks during their long awaited reunion set at Ultra in Miami, and the Swedish trio have continued their support throughout all their 2019 shows. Magnificence have honed their sound and created a formula fans around the world have reacted ecstatically to, so it comes as no surprise that the duo has enjoyed support from Axwell, Ingrosso, Martin Garrix, Alesso, Axwell, Zedd, Afrojack, DJ Snake, Don Diablo, Nicky Romero and Tiesto among others over the course of their already illustrious career. On their latest release, Magnificence have teamed up with Italy’s 7 Skies on The Drill, an epic, involving slice of bass-led house music that flits effortlessly between the euphoric and the downright nasty….

Hi guys… welcome to DMC. To kick us off, what’s been your personal highlight from 2019?

On the music side, the highlight of 2019 for was the fact that we did the second EP on Axtone and that we released it on vinyl. It always has been a dream for us to release our music on vinyl! Gigwise the highlight of 2019 was Tomorrowland. It was our first time playing at Tomorrowland and it was so great to see so many fans that came to rave in the rain during our set. It was a pure and magical moment!

For those who might not know you, please could you briefly introduce yourselves for our readers…

We are Robin & Maurice, 2 guys from The Netherlands. We started Magnificence around 8 years ago and we are happy every single day that we can do what we do. It all started with our friendship and it’s amazing to see how everything evolved during these years.

How did you guys hook up with 7 Skies for The Drill? Is it the first time you’ve worked together? Will we be seeing more collabs in the future?

We did multiple collabs in the past 8 years and there will be more collaborations for sure. We love to work with people that have their own special way of looking into music. We have more records coming up and some of them are pretty cool collaborations!

Was there any particular inspiration behind the record?

We were invited to come to the writings camp of Tiesto’s label Musical Freedom. 7Skies was there as well and from the moment on we sat down there was a click. We had a starter and within 2 days the whole concept of the record was there. Everybody has their own vision on music, 7Skies’s music is more happy, and we are more ravey. It was a perfect match up between his sound and ours!

Describe the feeling of dropping The Drill and seeing people on the dancefloor lose their minds to it…

In general it’s amazing that you are making something in your studio and that someone on the other side of the world knows it and sings it! These are the moments that touches you and it’s something that you’ll remember until you are old. Getting the appreciation for what you do is always a really nice thing to get!

You’ve released on some world-famous labels in the course of your career… in what ways you think a modern day label can elevate a track?

Labels can build their own identity and they have their own specific signature sound. The artists behind the labels obviously are playing a very important role with the exposure of their released music. The most important thing is to find and do something that is “you” and that is something that suits your own identity.

It seems as if the worlds of house music and ‘traditional’ EDM have moved ever closer together, so that there’s often not a clear distinction between genres. Do you agree? And if so, do you see that as positive for the industry?

We don’t think putting labels on music in the first place is really very helpful. In the end it doesn’t matter if it’s electro tech progressive house or whatever kind of genre has been made up. In the end it’s electronic music and that’s the most important thing.

What have been some of the trends you’ve seen in electronic music this year?

Tech house is huge again, great to see that people are dancing more again!

What else do you guys have coming up that we should be looking out for?

There are a lot of things coming, but also happening right now, so I think it would be the best to start following Magnificence if you didn’t do it! Check our socials to see what we’re up to!

And finally, what’s been your personal favorite record of the year? Not necessarily the biggest, but the one that’s brought you the most joy?

Since it’s so hard to choose one record out of all these beautiful and amazing productions, I’ll say it would be all of the records that are in our weekly updated playlist. Go check it out for your weekly dose of house tunes!

Magnificence & 7 Skies – The Drill is out now on Musical Freedom