Tini Gessler

A relative newcomer, Tini Gessler has risen through the music scene remarkably quickly. Starting out playing small parties in her home town of Sitges, Tini was soon picked up by Pacha Barcelona where she held a 3 year residency and it wasn’t long before she found herself playing at iconic clubs including Space and Pacha Ibiza before cementingherself as a staple part of the international Elrow team.Gaining a solid reputationfor her pumping deep / tech-house sets, Tini has played across Europe and throughout Central and South America, frequently playingalongside international artists such as Jamie Jones, Paco Osuna and Joseph Capriati.During this summer she continued her residency for Elrow at Amnesia Ibiza alongside making herfestival debuts atParklifeUK, electric castle, Street Parade and Medusa Festival (and many more).Following her touring success Tini began producing and released her first EP ‘Going On’ with Toni Varga last year.She has since released EPs on labels such as; Safe Music, 303 Lovers, under no illusion, be one records, Cr2 and MrCarter. DMCWORLD decided it was time to check in with this producer on everyone’s lips right now…

You’re based in Sitges. How has this and the music culture around you influenced you as an artist?

I moved from a small town called Friedrichshafen (Germany) to Sitges when I was 6 years old. Sitges is party institution (Pacha started there), so naturally I started going out at local beach bars at 14. Electronic music is huge in Sitges; it goes from clubs to beach bars and it’s very versatile, like a soundtrack to life. People here love going out all year around and they’re so chill. This versatility has influenced me as an artist to evolve a set with what the crowd needs.

Living in Sitges, what’s it like having such a different day to day life from the clubbing world?

I don’t even live in Sitges; I live in the mountains 10mins out of town and it’s SO QUIET. It’s in the middle of a national park and nothing is close, you even have to drive to buy bread!It’s ideal to me, because when I travel I am constantly with people and music. I love it but it’s really hectic and I couldn’t do it 24/7. My life at home is absolute tranquillity. I get up early, walk my dogs through the mountains, cook, study, ride my horses. It’s like having the best of both worlds. Being at home gives me a chance to recharge so I don’t feel burnt out.

What was your first gig and how did you land it?

I waitressed at this club; Pachitos and became friends with the resident DJs. I was always interested in music and the residents helped me practice mixing. After some begging and a lot of help from the resident DJs they gave me my first gig. That first session changed everything, after I knew I wanted to do this with my life.

You’re now a resident at Elrow, how did this come about?

I started working with the Arnau family about 4 years ago after they heard me play at a few smaller venues in Barcelona. At first, I was playing on their underground stage; KER. After a couple of years of proving myself at that stage they gave me a chance at the main stage. At first I did all the openings and no one came to see me but I put all my energy into trying to put on a good show, even for 30 people. I guess it worked because I got better set-times and they brought me on the the Elrow Tours. I couldn’t be happier about this evolution, I’ve learned so much in these years, and there’s so much that remains ahead.

How do you find starting out playing small parties to now playing Elrow across the world?

Obviously it is a very big change, I started playing at very small parties, and now I am playing in front of thousands of people. When I really think about it’s exciting and scary at the same time. In such a small amount of time my whole life has changed. I am really happy with my evolution and the speed with which my name is growing. I feel like I get to go to these amazing parties and learn from the very best DJs in the world.

How did you get into producing and find your sound?

I always wanted to produce because I like the idea of creating music; something out of nothing. I just started in my home studio playing around and getting feedback from other Elrow residents. My sound keeps changing, every year I learn more and my tracks evolve.

I like to think my sound is distinct but changing. Last year I was really into tech house so I produced a lot of tech house. This year and with this amazing summer find myself drawn to creating more melodic music. It changes depending on where I’ve gone on holidays, what parties I’ve really enjoyed and my mood. I do feel like there’s always techno deep inside though.

Who are some of your main inspirations and how have they effected your style? Are there any records that have made an impact on your sound?

One of the DJ / producers that inspire me the most lately is Andreas Henneberg, I play so many of his tracks lately and he’s one of my personal favourites. A lot of different DJs are inspiring me right now; Peggy Gou, Martinez Brothers, Loco Dice and Jamie Jones; I told you I am going very melodic this summer. I love them because I think they have a very peculiar style, they cannot be classified either in techno, or tech-house, or house, or deep, it is a mixture of everything; like how I see myself. I love the concept of freedom when choosing my music, without having to get caught in a genre e.g. tech house.

As for the records…

Andreas Henneber – Vilnius and Prospa – Prayer.

Is there any particular impact you want to make with your remixes and productions?

For equipment I use the Ableton live 10 Sequencer, and I use the Virus, Diva, Minimoog and several of their styles. To create the rhythms and grooves I use the Machine. I don’t want to guide people on how to feel about my music. I think everyone has a different reaction to the songs, as long as you enjoy it I am happy. It is evident that in the production I still have a lot to learn, but with every EP I release I am happier and happier with my work.

What else have you planned for the summer and rest of 2019?

Mostly touring!! I already have a tour booked in both North and South America and I am hoping to close some dates in Asia by the end of the year. I am also hoping to release 2 or 3 new EPs so watch this space!!