Back To Mine With HNRY ST & S.T.P

Leigh Russell, known professionally as HNRY ST, is an Australian music producer, songwriter, artist and label owner from Melbourne. HNRY ST infuses curiosity and a true love of music into contemporary sounds, creating a unique brand that uplifts and inspires. With an impressive run of releases on his own HNRY ST mzk Label over the last few months, he has now teamed up with S.T.P for their latest single, ‘NVR’. S.T.P is an unapologetically honest artist whose heartfelt lyrics explore the depths of love, loss, and hope, fearlessly sharing her emotions with the world. Her performances are a mesmerising tightrope walk between power and vulnerability, captivating audiences and leaving them spellbound. DMCWorld goes back to mine with HNRY ST & S.T.P.


Calvin Harris & Dizzee Rascal – Dance Wiv Me

As a Hip Hop kid of the 90s, this track was my introduction into British Rap and Calvin Harris – Classic!

Dizzee Rascal & Calvin Harris - Dance Wiv Me

Armand van Helden – The Funk Phenomenon

Continuing on the 90s Hip Hop theme, I was a massive Redman fan growing up (the main vocal sample) and so was instantly drawn to this track when I heard it.

Armand van Helden - The Funk Phenomena (Official Video)

Propellerheads – Velvet Pants

This one is steeped in nostalgia for me. It was introduced to me by one of my closest mates nearly 25 years ago (he’s still one of my closest mates incidentally – see what recommending great music does for a relationship!). It was then on repeat soon after during a camping trip we took in the Grampians here in Victoria.

Propellerheads - Velvet Pants

Cornershop – Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Mix)

I feel like this was introduced to me by a MOS Annual. It’s just feel good – can’t go wrong throwing this one on at any time.

Cornershop - Brimful Of Asha, Norman Cook Mix (Tjinder Singh) Official Music Video

Down The Line – TwoSlice (Original Mix)

An absolute tune. Was at a Sunday morning party earlier this year where the DJ put this on. Not sure what excited me the most, the track itself or the fact that Shazam picked it up even though it was at an outdoor bar. Just love the track.

TwoSlice - Down The Line (Original Mix) [Swerve Digital]


Lafayette Afro Rock Band – Darkest Light

That opening horn hook…yes more of this please. Been hearing it featured in some amazing house tracks of late but I always have to gravitate back to the O.G! Their Soul Makossa album is all big band in a small sweaty bar with babes but Darkest Light is one track I will never get over, it oozes a slow grind fever that you can’t step back from. Play it again DJ!

Lafayette Afro Rock Band - Darkest Light ( HD Remastered )

Oliver Cheatham – Get Down Saturday Night

This beauty just makes me want to channel my inner 70’s disco babe and dance till I can’t! It’s a slower disco track but the lyrics and melody even makes you want to move. To achieve this as a songwriter is the pinnacle of songwriting for genres like this.

Oliver Cheatham, Get Down Saturday Night (Funk 1983) Full HD !

Mr Twin Sister – Jaipur

I’m a sucker for a simple start that throws some harmonies and a good story at you to then build into a real feet mover! Andrea Estelle’s voice is soft but so cutthroat in this track. The rolling drum line is so captivating and guides you through so wonderfully. Harmonies are dynamite, inspired every time I listen!

Mr Twin Sister - Jaipur

Talking Heads – Life During Wartime (Live)

Can’t go wrong. There is something awe inspiring about this whole performance, not just this track. The versions they performed of their iconic songs but also the sheer stamina of all their performers. Talkings Heads are so iconic for me, forever inspired by the ability to not always gravitate towards writing about love, use them as a beacon of amazing songwriting.

Talking Heads - Life During Wartime LIVE!

Kelenkye Band – Jungle Music

This is some damn fine cool down kind of music. It keeps you going and makes you feel so warm inside. The simplicity of the lyrics keep me going, there is movement in this song that allows the lyrics to stay simple while somehow never getting repetitive!

Kelenkye Band - Jungle Music

HNRY ST & S.T.P ‘NVR’ is out now.