Joseph Malik ‘Adult Contemporary’  F*CLR

Swoon!..  That Scottish man with the golden voice, Joseph Malik, is back with a new single, ‘Adult Contemporary’, from his hugely anticipated ‘Proxima Ebony’ LP, which is scheduled to grace our ears this year. Known for his ‘don’t hold back’ song writing approach, ‘Adult Contemporary’ sees Joseph wax lyrical on a personal, vulnerable and inspirational level, with deepest respect paid to his inspirations, Sylvester, Patrick Adams Larry Levan. Joseph’s exquisite, falsetto vocals soar above the keyboard mastery of North Street West’s Darren Morris to deliver an incredibly moving (and brave!) song that remembers those who were affected during the AIDS epidemic in the early 80s. Profoundly good music as we would expect from Joseph… Cannot wait to see what interesting stories and topics the album brings! 

5/5 Ratha Gud