Back To Mine With Knight Horse

Austrialia’s Knight Horse is largely known for his suave deep house and Indie Disco cuts, lending his remixing skills to tracks from Dcup, Zoe Badwi, Anne Lunoe, Magnifik, Pablo Calamari, Reset!!!, Prefect, Mr V and Diamond Lights, to name a few. Adding to that list, is his hot new remix of Random Soul’s ‘Hypnotize Me’ on Random Soul Records. DMCWorld trots back to mine with Knight Horse.

BMB Spacekid – Cuba

Synth retro bass and squashed 80’s drums, you can’t go wrong with this. No vocals, so just a great track to get down too… you decide.

Pomrad – Dans

Can you swing drums like this? Pomrad does, and its mind blowing. The way all the elements in this masterpiece work, it’s just the thing you want to play your friends. Hats off.

Never Dull – Let Me Love

Never Dull the American native who always delivers groove friendly, upbeat, slightly Jackin’, filtered and funky tunes. This one ups the tempo. You ready to dance? Here you go…

Never Dull - Let Me Love (Official Visual)

Supermini & Frankie Romano – Midas Touch

If you remake a classic you better do it right and yes, these guys did. Ramon and Frankie are a good team and Midas Touch is disco royalty but they gave it a fresh touch, and it rocks. Put it on, trust me.

Supermini & Frankie Romano - Midas Touch

Sex-O-Sonique – I Thought It Was You (Full Intention Remix)

Take me back to this time. I love Herbie Hancock, and this gem is just a timeless thing, re-released this year, and I love it so, so much.

Sex-O-Sonique - I Thought It Was You (Full Intention Remix)

Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

Ode to an all time classic. When your friends hear this, they will say “I love this song”. Everyone loves this song and they should, because it’s one of the all-time greats.

Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight) (Official Video)

Chic – Good Times

It all came from these guys, and you can go anywhere after this. The inspiration from this time period is huuuge, and we love it. Daft Punk did, and you will too.

Rudimental feat. Anne-Marie & Will Heard – – Rumour Mill (Midas Hutch Remix)

Here is a producer of many talents and styles. Love all the Midas Hutch tunes, and this evokes all types of energy. Played this a lot.

Rumour Mill (feat. Anne-Marie & Will Heard) (Midas Hutch Remix)

Martin Roth – Synth City

When I first heard this synth wave style track I was hooked on the Arp lines, and how the use of filtering gave this track so much time. A quick internet search, and of course he is surrounded but analogue synths, and knows his music theory back to front. I messaged Martin and said how much I liked the track, and he wrote back, “Glad you like it, thanks”. Legend.

Martin Roth - Synth City

Motel Jordan – Exclusive Suite

You are winding down. Let the music take you there. Motel Jordan’s lo-fi sounds will let you and your friends sit back, talk and just relax.

Random Soul pres: From The Vault ‘Hypnotize Me’ (Knight Horse Remix) is out now on Random Soul Recordings.