Trainspotting With Might Delete Later 

Might Delete Later makes her music from publicly invited voicemails, swiftly reaching 180,000+ pm Spotify streams: with 3 million streams to date for her recent Patrick Topping collab ‘Make Me Happy’, on a four-week BBC Radio 1 rotation and a Mixmag’s ‘Best Tracks of the Year’. Now Latvian-born, Netherlands-based Might Delete Later drops ‘Maybe I Need You’, out now. ‘Maybe I Need You’ features a heartwarming Scottish voicemail about what home means to them while the insanely catchy, upbeat synth chord melody and clear lyrics in her Lana Del Rey-esque vocals invite you to ‘come and call me’. Her production is akin to Elderbrook & Fred Again, while her live show is an electronic duo, with live vocals and direct-to-audience voicemails from her major art project. DMCWorld goes Trainspotting with Might Delete Later.

TSHA, Ellie Goulding & Gregory Porter -‘Somebody – Ninja Tune

Just putting it out there: I’m going to focus on female artists/producers from Europe in this list, just since there aren’t that many of us out there and I’d like to shine more light on those incredible women in music out there. In the end, it’s my list so I can do whatever I want right? 😛 ​Starting with a bang: ‘Somebody’ by TSHA, Ellie Goulding & Gregory Porter. I had a fan moment meeting TSHA at Defected Croatia. Okay, let’s correct this: I kinda stalked her/walked up to her with my fast beating heart, and gave her my Might Delete Later phone number hoping she’d leave a voicemail. This woman is such an inspiration to me and there is no other track that’s better for the no 1. on this list than a female producer with such craft.

TSHA, Ellie Goulding & Gregory Porter - 'Somebody' (Official Visualiser)

Joalin – Tóxico   – 11 Ones Music / The Orchard

Alright, this will be like whipped cream in your ears: I was checking out all the artists that will perform alongside me at the Eurosonic festival in 2024 and I got stuck listening to Joalin. The production in this Spanish/English mix coming from Finland is just so unique and incredibly addictive. Literally listened to this 10 times last week.

Joalin - Tóxico (Official Music Video)

Angèle – Le temps fera les choses – Angèle VL Records

This girl is everything to me: she’s funny and her conceptual songs (and videos) literally inspired everything I do. I mean take a look at this video ( ) and you’ll get what I mean. Also the fact that she’s Belgian (and there are sooo many incredible artists from Belgium) gives me that tiny hope that me, a girl from a tiny land like Latvia, could also be like her one day.

Angèle - Le temps fera les choses (alternative version) [CLIP OFFICIEL]


My latest Youtube obsession: her moves, her presence says it all. I think I’ve watched every music video at least 3 times just because there’s so much work that has been put into the artistic direction of everything that METTE brings out.

METTE - VAN GOGH (Official Video)


Might Delete Later – I’ve Been There – Self-released

Alright, feels kinda weird to include your own song in a list of one’s favourite music, but I gotta say, this one for me started it all. And this song is not just about me, it’s about that girl who sent me that voicemail and that’s why I’m including this one in the list. I received this voicemail during the midst of Covid. It was from an incredibly dedicated musician who is also hustling daily and she got caught up into the stress of the music industry pressures. Take a listen.

Might Delete Later - I've Been There (Music Video from the One Second a Day Archives)

Jorja Smith – Broken Is The Man – FAMM

Her voice has always been my guilty pleasure no matter whether I cycle through Amsterdam or drive for a recording session. Her new album is just incredible.

Jorja Smith - 'Broken Is The Man' (Lyric Video)

The Blessed Madonna – Serotonin Moonbeams – Warner

The Blessed Madonna is everything that the 21st century electronic world was missing. Also, she’s kind of my ultimate collab dream, so, if you’re reading this, The Blessed Madonna, leave me a voicemail? <3

The Blessed Madonna - Serotonin Moonbeams (Official Audio)

Elkka – Babe – Ninja Tune

This girl is killing it: have you watched that Boiler Room set? Her new track is just an absolute bomb.

Elkka - 'Babe' (Official Audio)

lau.ra & Surya Sen – Do That – DFTD

I fell in love with her when hearing Heart Attack with Odesza, but her latest release with Surya Sen is just something that you just want to hear in every club. Also, I <3 Defected.

lau.ra & Surya Sen - Do That (Extended Mix)

Paramore – Liar (Re: Romy) – Atlantic Records

Romy has been a part of my sound growing up so I could not be more happy to see how much new music I get to hear from her. And Paramore? I mean, this is the best combo ever. This is so damn beautiful.

Paramore - Liar (Re: Romy) [Official Audio]

Might Delete Later ‘Maybe I Need You’ is out now (proudly self-released).