Back To Mine With Viewfinder

Viewfinder has recently dropped a four-track drum & bass EP on newcomer label WOWVE Records, an imprint where he’s just recently been exclusively signed. With his love for the genre beginning at a formative age, his influences have ranged from legends such as Krust to RAM Trilogy, which led him to writing his own music. Although it’s WOWVE Records where he’s found his home, and label boss Bruno has helped him to cultivate his music, something which is represented through his forthcoming package on the label.  Surrounded by a solid roster of artists, Viewfinder is defining his signature sound with his self-titled ‘Viewfinder’ EP. DMCWorld goes Back To Mine With Viewfinder.

Cyantifc – Neon Skyline (High School Prom Mix)

Great use of samples, every track fits into the theme of the album (Ghetto Blaster) perfectly. It reminds me of being at college, I loved it when it came out and still love it now. A close second of this album is Power Surge. Absolute vibes!

Neon Skyline (High School Prom Mix)

Koan Sound – The Edge

Incredible production, a unique sound, and a head-nodder track. Loved the Funk Blaster EP when it came out – Koan Sound has a really unique sound about them which I always gravitate towards.

KOAN Sound - The Edge


Noisia – Stigma

Production is off the scale. Still, every single time I listen to this tune I get goosebumps. All out thrashy neuro dnb goodness that no producer can touch in my opinion. In a league of its own like many other Noisia tunes.

Ram Trilogy – Human Future

Molton Beats is iconic and possibly for me still one of the best drum and bass albums ever made. Way ahead of its time, completely pioneering style and sound, and every track bangs. Human Future is a particular favourite of mine because of the energy this track brings and without a doubt, it stands up against more modern drum and bass tunes and still goes off in a mix.

Ram Trilogy - 'Human Future'

Voltage – Love Is Calling

Love is Calling is a very recent release but i can’t get enough of it. Strangely it’s not a tune I tend to mix which is very unusual considering its underlying jump up sound. The intro is so epic – it’s a tune I like to sit back and listen to and nod my head when I need to! It’s quite intense to sit back and listen in some ways.

Voltage - Love Is Calling

Deftones – Doomed User

One of my favourite bands. Been a huge fan since their 2nd album around the fur. To hear their haunting heavy sound evolve and mature over the years has been incredible to witness and I can’t wait to see what comes next. This track for me encapsulates everything I love about Deftones and chinos vocals are spot on.

Deftones - Doomed User (Official Audio)

Kendrick Lamar – Money Trees

Lyrics, vocals, the track, the soul, the meaning – all create this masterpiece of metaphorical beauty. If you are back to mine it’s unlikely you will leave without hearing this one.

Kendrick Lamar - Money Trees (Feat. Jay Rock)

Mobb Deep – Survival Of The Fittest

Classic album full of excellent tracks but this one stands out for me. I remember my mate Al showing this to me for the first time when I was in year 8 or 9 at school I think and I remember how it made me feel – really buzzing to listen to more.

Mobb Deep - Survival of the Fittest (Official Video) [Explicit]

Incubus – Aqueous Transmission

Just an all-round fantastic piece of music. I’d be surprised if anyone listened to this and didn’t enjoy it or feel something from it. Great band, great track – one of my favourites from this particular album.

Aqueous Transmission

Fever 333 – Walk Through The Fire

Short and to the point. Smacks you in the face with powerful deep chords and Jason Aalon Butler’s unique screaming that you can’t help nod your head to. Killer track – always play it.


Viewvinder ‘Viewfinder’ EP is out now on WOWVE Records.