Vocal Hydraulics – Exclusive Beatbox DJ Battle competition!

Killa Kela & Eklips

DMC are calling all beat jugglin’ scratch fanatics! We have an exclusive competition in association with two Human Beatbox heavyweights – DMC favourites KILLA KELA (UK) & EKLIPS (FRANCE).

The boys have given us some beatbox parts to their new EP ‘Crowd Control’, so we got thinking. How about we set a challenge to you all by seeing who can create the best DMC Beatbox DJ routine?

Using the sounds of Kela & Eklips, you have 1 minute to throw down the hottest vocal routines your hands can create using your turntables and mixer (Serato and DVS allowed) and upload your video set to the DMC website!  – (http://www.dmcdjonline.com/beatboxdjbattle)


“We’re super amped about this comp. We all came from such a strong DMC background, all of our inspiration has come from a DJs perspective. We can’t wait to hear how you guys mash up the beatbox sounds off The EP into a routine we can perform! It’s time to have our mouths in your hands yo. Let the battle begin!”


– Killa Kela, Eklips & producer Conrank.


The winner will receive VIP/backstage treatment at the DMC World  Finals 2012, plus have your winning routine performed live on stage by Killa Kela & Eklips as part of their one-off performance!

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