Lex Luca

Hey Lex! Thanks so much for chatting to us here at DMC. You’ve had a pretty busy few years with your own releases and now the birth of your own imprint, In Tune. Can you talk us through how you got into music?

I’ve always been into music. I remember going through my grandparents vinyl collection of old Irish music. I played a few instruments as a child. I actually played violin in a symphony orchestra & also was the drummer in various bands.

I discovered dance music aged 15. I was influenced by my older sister and a group of her mates who were all DJs. I went to a few raves & festivals with them. I ended up buying a pair of belt drive turntables and a box of acid techno records and I was hooked! I would save all my cash and buy as much vinyl as I could. I started running parties with friends, doing squat / basement raves playing techno. Then I played my first official club set, all vinyl, at the now defunct club Bagleys. So I guess, music has always been a part of me.

How would you describe your music?

I make house music with a groove. I blend elements of house techno & disco, as well as my other musical influences, which range from hip hop to jazz to Cuban or Brazilian rhythms.

Your new song ‘Toys’ has just been released on up and coming artist, Luciff’s EP ‘Rhythm & Love’. Tell us about Luciff?

Luciff are a mysterious production duo. All I can say at this stage is they have loads of sick productions and it’s been great collab’ing with them on Toys.

What inspired Toys?

A shared appreciation for quality music. Late night studio sessions. Literally just vibes and jokes in the studio.

You were supported by Radio 1 tastemakers pretty early in your career, how did this help cement you within the scene?

It’s been great to be recognised by some of the key tastemakers on the scene over the past few years. Having a nod of approval from Pete Tong, Annie Mac and Danny Howard is a massive help! Their fans and also the wider Radio 1 audience, can listen to my tunes so it immediately widens my audience. Radio DJs are inundated with music and have a limited space to play the tracks & I’m forever grateful for their support.

With releases on some big labels including VIVa Music, Desert Hearts & Dopewax, what made you set up In Tune?

I’ve always loved the A&R process, curating playlists and supporting new talent, so it felt a natural progression to launch my label.

What can you tell us about your label plans for 2020?

I’m expanding the label now, and we have big plans for this year and beyond. Drawing on my own experiences of DJ’ing around the world and meeting some super talented producers along the way, I’m signing a selection of music that I love from talented producers around the world.

I’ve got a wicked EP highlighting some talent from Costa Rica up and coming. I’ve spent a bit of time DJ’ing over there and the place is a hotbed for high-quality music!

I am also working on some interesting collaborations and inviting some other established names too.

Finally, what’s next for you? More singles, albums, touring …or?

I’ve got some exciting new singles that are just getting finalised which will be coming out soon on some great labels.

I’m always in the studio making music and developing new ideas, and pushing my own boundaries – I’m working on a few new cool bits currently!

We also have some wider creative projects we are working on for the label… so you’ll have to like / subscribe / follow to keep up to date 😝