Boom! Two times DMC World Champion brings us his essential weekend tunes

What did I do last weekend?

– On Friday, I worked on a new bootleg with the homie Rx from like 2am-12pm. 
– On Saturday, I performed at the Space Ace Release party, brought to you by Dubspot & Dubster Hall, with Rx, Flufftronix, Subset, & Tektonic.  This party was bodacious and rowdy, peep the photos here –

(Oh right, Space Ace EP is out NOW!!!! Rad Summer!!!!  Help support my lavish sandwich habits.  Top notch provolone ain’t cheap, son!  Buy the EP here –

– On Sunday, I did a live uStreaming guest set on Noise 212 ( w/ Flufftronix and Aswell from Mr. Invisible.  Watch out for the archived footage hitting the interwebs soon!

The Picks

The Brandt Brauer Frick Ensemble – R.W. John
This is nuts, classically trained musicians making techno on (mainly) traditional instruments.  Go figure people trained in music make really good music.  Check out this video of them going HAM live –  When’s the last time you heard the expression HAM used to describe something incorporating a cello? 

DJ Vajra – 2011 DMC World Champion

I’ve still got turntablism flowing through my veins (my physician is looking into this condition), so I’ve got to give it up when a dope DMC routine comes along.  My man DJ Vajra from Colorado is the new DMC World Champion, and here’s his set to show why –  Vajra is maaaad funky, a crazy scratcher, and once got Ice-T to call him DJ Viagra. 

Gold Panda – Snow & Taxis (Throwing Snow Remix)
Not a new song, but new to me so screw you!  What am I the internet?  A beautiful remix here from Throwing Snow.  It reminds of a time in college when my friends and I had a snowball fight, saw a group in the distance we thought was also throwing snow, ran over to attack them, realized too late that they were in a serious football game, and watched as one of the them beat my friend’s ass.  Ah memories!

GTank – Bugz (Instrumental)
I hate bugs.  Seriously we should kill all bugs.  I don’t care about the consequences.   Oh? You say the biological equilibrium of the planet would be altered and all life as we know it would cease to exist?  Totally worth it if you ask me.  This song, on the other hand, is a bug(z) I enjoy.  I’m a big fan of GTank, and this beat is the serious bass business.  If any bugs are reading this column, please don’t rise up and thwart me. 

Justin Martin & Ardalan – LEZGO
Not a new song, but new to me so screw you!  What am I Tom Brokaw?  The music video is however new and quite awesome –  When it comes to visual matters, I am Tom Brokaw.  LEZGO is infectiously dance inducing.  Even the digital characters in the music video are dancing, and they can’t even feel feelings. 

RacknRuin – Signal ft. P. Money & Koast (The Elite Remix)
This beat is nasty, love the loose swing feeling matched with the heavy kicks and snares.  Through the basslines and speedy raps, “Signal” is really a heartfelt commentary on a performer’s reliance on the audience.  At first for P. Money, “trying to get their attention was like a brick wall.”  Sure, now, he’s got them “bouncing around like a pinball,” but time’s weren’t always so good.  Let this be a lesson to all you aspiring performers: hang it there.  The signals will come, my friends, the signals will come.       

Rustie – After Light
This esteemed column (currently being considered for a Pooplitzer, which I’m told is almost as prestigious as Pulitzer) has already featured a song from Rustie’s Glass Swords album.  Nevertheless, the album is so fresh and so clean clean that I had to show more love to Rustie.  Epic big room house style intro into a ridiculous hard-hitting beat with high-pitched vocal flips that cut through my soul.  Glass Swords is one of the top electronic albums this year.

Rx & Shiftee – Space Ace
Yes!!!!!!!!!!!  Space Ace EP is out now, and has already top 20 on the Beatport dubstep charts.  Buy the EP here – .  Help me put my future kids through culinary school!  On the real, I use this track in my sets as rolling groover.  It keeps the energy high, adds atmosphere and ambience to the floor, but doesn’t hit you too harshly.  Not too light, not too tight, just right.  No bias here, I swear! (*whistles while walking the other direction*)

Skream ft. Sam Frank – Anticipate (Cassius Remix)
Cassius tunes always make me want to do the Carlton dance (a la Fresh Prince of Bel Air), and this track is no exception.  Joyous dance music with a dirty bassline.  I don’t know whether to hug someone or freak them.  I could see this song working at everything from a huge festival to a Long Island sweet 16 party.  Just a note from the Annie Mac rip here – “1000 dentistry students are raving in Sheffield tonight.”  Word!?!?!?  People are going to get blackout drunk and wake-up with all their cavities removed.   

Krampfhaft – Makin’ Magic
“I don’t make love, baby we make magic.”  Suffice it to say this song was the runaway winner for week 9’s baby making music pick of the week.  The Krampfhaft – Makin’ Magic EP is off the hizzy.  What does hizzy stand for anyway?  I know shizzle is short for “shit.”  But “hizzy”?  Is it short for “house”? “heater”? “helicopter”?  Is it even a real izzy/izzle phrase?  Am I just making stuff up?  Somebody ask Snoop Dogg what’s going on here.

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