Dave Monolith - Welcome

Dave Monolith – ‘Welcome’ – (Rephlex)

Dave Monolith - WelcomeIn a sense ‘Welcome’ is a compilation rather than an album, as Dave Monolith writes so many productions that he wanted a coherent selection of music to be put together for Rephlex. That has clearly happened here, and is clear in the opening three tracks, which take in the warm hearted techno of ‘Box 9’, the enduring ’80s influences that make themselves felt on ‘My Nunk’ or the very deep, blissful ‘Windrush’ Throughout Monolith – real name Dave Barnard – shows his exceptional craft and instinct for structure, using sounds that are easy to dive right in to, and rhythms that either feel the funk or kick back with a strong sense of wellbeing. All this adds up to some very accomplished and often very deep techno that is a pleasure to listen to.

4 out of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood