Hailed one minute as the next big thing then shred to pieces the next, Fischerspooner’s went through an incredible rollercoaster ride in very little time. Several labels and advances later, Warren and Casey have licked their wounds, done their homework and are about to re-enter the arena proudly. Second album ‘Odyssey’ is a winner from start to end, eleven glorious songs that you can sing along to with joy (first single ‘Just Let Go’ is a perfect example) and hardly a filler in sight. The NY duo’s worked real hard on song-writing, collaborating with hit maker Linda Perry, as well as production, getting a bit of help from Mirwais, and the evolution’s truly amazing. It’s still the same arty act that combines so well camp with trashy and mass consumerism with underground (in true Warhol/Factory descendants) but this time the record’s really backing the offer, you can believe the hype.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Jerry Bouthier