Dave Cross

1. Pete Doyle vs Jack Daniels “Fixation” (Solid Soultrax)
Pumping, synth\bass driven shoulder mover with a cool break beat break down.

2.Acoustic Nerve “Computer Love” (Kinky Vinyl)
Dirty electronic groover, with vocoder vocals on this consistant label

3. Die-Verse “Messages” (Contact\Gut)
Andy Allder and I team up with the lovely Mitch Stevens on vocals for the tougher sound of Contact

4. Soulshaker ft Loraine Brown “Hypnotic Erotic Games” (MWR\Gut)
Classy and catchy vocal house from this hot production team

5. Nathan G “Ticka Boom” (Kinky Vinyl)
It’s all about the driving, chugging gated synths…

6. Penn & Chus “Esperanza” (Urbana)
Melodic deep mix from Dr Kucho! and peak time mix from Valentino Kanzyani

7. Britney Spears “My Prerogative” (Jive)
Fantastic dirty house mix from Xpress 2 that I heard David Jimmenez play at Beyond

8. Luis Paris “Rhythm Of House” (Groovestation UK)
Gorgeous retro house sound, with uplifting pianos and bass.

9. The Hustler “Making Love Tonight” (Contact\Gut)
The commercial side of the label, uplifting British house.

10. Full Intention “Don’t You Feel It” (Eye Industries)
Often overlooked b side of thier Purple EP, uplifty and funky