To The Victor – The Spoils!
Impotent Fury

If the artwork hasn’t already given it away, then the music might – for Flashman is the latest musical project of Leom Jelly’s Fred Deakin, in conjunction with the Beta Band’s Robin Jones. With two such highly creative minds locked down into the same project you would expect some musical sparks, and that is definitely true here – but you might not expect the extent of jazziness that there is. The two work together some beguiling arrangements, with attractive instrumental colours from clarinet and piano on ‘The Proposition’. The soft ‘Heading Home’ casts a spell, whilst ‘Redemption’ is the most catchy and danceable offering, tailored for a discerning dancefloor. The improvisatory feel to a lot of this music gives it a strong live element, and the album as a whole acts well both as a chill out record and a satisfying, organic creation. It sounds as good as it looks, too.

4 Out Of 5

Reviewed By: Ben Hogwood