Fredo Santana – ‘It’s A Scary Site’ – (Trap-A-Holics)

Trap this, trap that, blah blah… I almost didn’t wanna do this review cuz everyone is so overboard with the trap right now. But this tape is dope and I want ya’ll to stay educated with the hot shit.

This mixtape contains fresh material presented by Glory Boyz Ent, DJ Twin, DJ Victoriouz and Trap-A-Holics. Chicago’s Fredo Santana is co-CEO of Glory Boyz along with Chief Keef, and on this tape he drops 13 tracks of hard-as-nails beats and g’d up rhymes.

The track “Just Be Cool” is one of the highlights for me. Its so gutter and so damn good. I saw the video a couple months ago and I knew more niceness was coming from Fredo. This one is real hooky and your whole body will get into it. You’re probably gonna accidentally smash some shit, so be careful whats around you when you listen. I could do without King L’s verse, but whatever. Glory Boyz in house producer, 12 Hunna, rocked the music on about a third of this release, including this straight heater. “My Lil Niggaz” features Chief Keef and Lil Reese so its been getting some buzz. It’s a solid joint but not really one of my top picks on here. “My Squad” is another rough n’ rugged anthem, this one featuring a gruff but fun verse from Frenchie. I think they just shot a video for this the other day in NY, so look for that soon. I can’t say that theres a lot of diversity in the music or rapping offered here, no one’s reinventing the wheel – but they know their lane and they are commanding it.

4 out of 5

Reviewed by Gair “Dev79” Marking