Laszlo - Radial NerveThis is the first album release from the Lydian Label – and you know what, it’s a deserved one out of one as far as album of the week is concerned. Laszlo is the brainchild of Aaron Wheeler, and ‘Radial Nerve’ brings together his work on three EP releases, moulding the tracks into a complete album. It makes for fascinating listening, as Wheeler has a style that sits well left of centre, one that works really well with a wicked sense of humour and his live instrumental recordings. ‘Mr Sunshine’ is the first obvious winner, with its quirky mandolin line, but just as appealing is the horizontal ‘Rhodesy’ that follows it. The rhythmic trickery of ‘Zeitgeist’ and ‘Bohemian Groove’ make use of a skewed funk style, while ‘Saintonge’ works through some beautifully pointed and structured piano arpeggios. What makes this album a winner is the way it keeps on giving, four or five listens in, and though it can be used as background music, the move to foreground is guaranteed when the listener homes in on its appeal.

5 Out Of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood