Arandel‘In D’ – a nod to the influential Terry Riley composition ‘In C’ – was a big success for Arandel when first released, with a lot of admiring glances cast in the direction of its creator. Now he’s back, not with ‘In E’ but with a sequence of remixes from some carefully chosen producers. The concept works very well, working its way through continuously, negotiating the shimmering lines of Rone’s remix of ‘3’, the beefy kick drum and bass line of Mr Raoul K’s take on ‘7’ and the hypnotic end that comes from the studios of Manvoy de Saint Sandrill and Sinner DC. Not many people are brave enough to offer concept remix albums, but this is a case where the idea works – and adds a fine companion piece of instrumental techno into the bargain.

4 Out Of 5

Reviewed By Ben Hogwood